"How fortunate are the dead" -- Dennis Brutus dead at 85
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Noted anti-apartheid activist and poet Dennis Brutus has died.

Brutus was imprisoned in South Africa along with Mandela for his outspoken criticism of the apartheid regime, and later continued to be critical of the ANC. One of his last poems was about the then upcoming UN climate summit in Copenhagen.
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Tribute and some poems of Brutus.
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Poems from 2002
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One of my professors in college. What the articles about his courage amid the struggle will fail to mention is his kindness and endless patience and generosity, even to first-year college students who had a lot to learn.
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A brave man, a very good poet.
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although inadequate, I offer my

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I got to know Brutus during some of my anti-war activities in Pittsburgh. He was an amazing guy and I'm terribly sorry to see this.

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A long, rich, meaningful life is over and I feel grateful to Brutus for all he did for so many.
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I attended one of his readings ten or fifteen years ago; I appreciated his work and his presence. Were there more like him in this world.
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Ii regret I only got to know him through obits this week. What a fierce, fierce guy.

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Oh, damn.

He lived a life of meaning.

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