Tom's Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
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COPYRIGHT: A concept invented by lawyers as a hedge against unemployment.

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AUTHOR PHOTO: Pictorial fiction. Authors always choose photos that emphasize that quality in which they feel most deficient.

A guy I was friends with in high school had a novel published by Simon & Schuster. The dust jacket photo reminded me of the cover of Bryan Adams' Reckless.

I'm not sure what that means he felt deficient in.
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Why, oo get to the other side, natch. *adjusts ascot, monocle, watch fob, handkerchief, cufflinks, porkpie, auxiliary ascot, briefcase, lapels, snood, wimple*
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Some of these are bang on, and I started out amused, but some of these are actually kind of nasty and not that funny. Two stars.
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Well, I think this is really funny but that's probably because I have a book.
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Dear Thomas Christensen,

Thank you for submitting your proposal for a Glossary of Book Publishing Terms, which we are returning herewith. While there are indeed many witty alternative definitions of the publishing industry's sometimes arcane terms, we feel that in an extended list of them, the joke wears thin. In its current form, we do not believe we could publish it successfully and wish you the best of luck with submitting it to a more suitable firm.

Yours Sincerely,

Scuffle and Dustcough Publishers (est. 1890)
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These are a little too accurate to be enjoyed.
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my faves:

BLURB: A brief noise that embarrasses everyone.
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: The best place to hide from a congressman.
SHELF LIFE: Bookworms.
WRONG FONT: Comic Sans.

It could've been funnier.

BOOK CLUB: A gathering of persons who enjoyed getting their reading assigned to them in High School.

CRIME FICTION: Any book's list price.

FIRST DRAFT: A very cold wind, or, not enough beer to write good yet.

GHOST WRITER: A publicist for a haunted house.

OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB: A thermonuclear bludgeon.

POETIC LICENSE: A permit to operate a metaphor (not valid in all states).


SOFT COVER: A poorly-thought-out pen name.

WRITER'S BLOCK: Where all the authors reside. syn: ghetto
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It was better when Ambrose Bierce did it.
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I enjoyed this, thanks.
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heh. Some of these made me wince, some of these made me laugh....

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