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The Kleptones, mashup artists behind previously-posted albums such as A Night At The Hip-Hopera and 24 Hours, have just released their newest entitled Uptime/Downtime. In a word, it rocks.
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YES! I've been waiting for this to come out, can't wait to hear it.
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Only downside is that the burn version isn't out yet. Much love for the Kleptones, though. Voodoo Sabotage, which they released while they were working on this, made it onto the Best of Bootie 2009 mashup compilation.
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I'm new to this Kleptones stuff, but that didn't stop me from posting that link to their mashup of dozens of versions of Bohemian Rhapsody some months back.

(Since then, I've seen both the Daily Show and the Muppets do versions. Maybe they should revise their compilation?)
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Oh boy! New Kleptones! Santa got my letter after all.
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Thank you so much for posting this!
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Thanks for the heads up, I am excited to give this a listen as well. I am giving it bonus points because the cover art was photographed about a kilometre from my house.
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320kbps? is that really necessary? You know I'd rather not sacrafice my SD Sticks for your vanity.


Listening now.

What was the monologue from in "Call to Mind"? (the first track on uptime)
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I like this a lot. I'm a little sad that Girl Talk has so trashed my attention span that I get impatient after, like, 5 seconds of a new hook.
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You know what? I'll tell you: this is incredible.
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Fantastic. I'm liking this better than any of the older albums.
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I'm extremely happy that Girl Talk has destroyed my attention span. Five seconds and new stuff, wooo!

That said, new kleptones is hot stuff. Also looking forward to next stereogum album.
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Oh sweet Voodoo Sabotage you woo me so.....
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God damn this is AWEsome.
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Yay! Yay! Yay! Been waiting all week for this!
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Just finished the album. I want the sample list so bad right now just to explore some of what he's put together; so much of it is unfamiliar.
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Whhoooh whooh! New Kleptones is always a good thing.
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delmoi: What was the monologue from in "Call to Mind"?

That's "Love, Death, and an American Guitar" by Mr Subtly, Jim Steinman.
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This is pretty much awesome.

The thing about songs, or at least recordings of songs is that at least for me I can only hear it so many times before I get sick of it. But when music is remixed like this (or re-done with enough difference) it's like you get to enjoy it all over again because it's unfamiliar again. Plus a lot of this stuff I haven't heard in a long time, which is cool.
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I had to exclude The Kleptones from my random playlists. It was just too jarring when one of their mashups showed up. Plus, I think that their releases are best listened to in order, like a concept album.

But, there is no way I want anything from "Night..." coming up while I'm trying to clean the house.

Then again, I wouldn't deliberately listen to most of the recordings they reinterpret anyway, so that's something. Perhaps their stuff is like sonic graffiti art -- I like it and get the zeitgeist (more or less) but I wouldn't want much of it in my house. I might decorate with it for a party, though.
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Plus, I think that their releases are best listened to in order, like a concept album.

This is why I'm waiting for the burn version. It's much less jarring on random play when the whole album comes up at once.

I was at a NYE part last night and the music on the host's iPod ran out, and I realized that what I probably would have done was scheduled a bunch of mashup mixes (probably the Kleptones' 2008 mixes, which I love) and I'd've been set for longer than most parties I ever throw.
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SO super excited for this!
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Oh hell yeah.
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Holy shit this is good.
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Well, THIS is a fine Happy New Year!
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flatluigi, the wikipedia entry for the album has sprung up. 12 hours ago, it wasn't there, then Eric tweeted this morning to say he's impressed.
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wow, Siouxsie's "The Killing Jar".. did not see that one coming. Late to the party, but yeah this is great.
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For those, like me, who wanted it, the burn version is now available on the website.
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No sir, I don't like it.

So I've listened to it a couple times since it came out, and I think I'm just missing the entire Kleptones boat. I can appreciate the technical skill that goes into their song matching, but I rarely enjoy their mashups. I love a good mash, but the Kleptones are not that for me.
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