Cut-ups, op art and book design
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The Art of Fontana Modern Masters James Pardey, the mind behind The Art of Penguin Science Fiction, has just put up another site telling the story of the cover art on the Frank Kermode-edited "Modern Masters" Fontana Books series, inspired by the Op Art of Victor Vasarely and the cut-ups of Brion Gysin and William Burroughs. [via, via]

Victor Vasarely's (needlessly complex) official site
Vasarely on Wikipedia
2006 Guardian Kermode interview

The "next page" button at the top moves you past the blank folder covers at the Fontana site.
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Nearly two decades ago I typed out (on a typewriter, no less) a weird dream featuring a high school friend and later used it to create a Burroughs style cut-up.

Months later I learned a friend had an exciting run-in with a freaky room-mate that ended up involving the cops, some cocaine, and a gun. While catching up over the phone he relayed the highlights of his near-miss with this life-changing run-in with the law, and I realized that the dream I had written down had many very odd similarities with his story.

Unfortunately, the half-finished cut-up had pretty much destroyed the original narrative, and I'd lost some of the cut-up bits.

So, I never did find out if I had had a weird semi-prophetic dream, or if the whole thing was, well, a dream.

I really wish I hadn't cut up my only copy of that dream. Stupid non-digital copies.
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