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Notice some best of the year or best of the decade lists? I guess you could do that, if you are into the retro thing. Forward thinking websites bring you the best of the year to come. From The Millions we have books and from io9 science fiction books. (Io9 is also worried about a few things in the coming year.) From The Onion AV culb we have media, broadly defined. Rotten Tomatoes lists the most anticipated Sundance films. You want games? We got games from BoingBoing, MTVu and Kotaku.

And no-one saw fit to add the live action version of Space Battleship Yamato a/k/a Star Blazers?
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Also: Some predictions for the less-near future from longbets.
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AV Club says potentially two David O. Russell films this year? Hot damn!
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The book list looks great. My Amazon wish list thanks you for posting it.
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So many sequels. So many follow-ups, follow-ons, franchises, or cross-media adaptations.

In the future we'll get our entertainment forcasts by checking out a grop blog called MetaFilter Awkening: The Rebootening Part 8, where we'll find a link to a video game called The Onion AV Club 4: Revenge Of The Bargain Bin.
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Top ten games of 2016:
10) Beyond Uncanny Valley Dating Sim (Sony PS5)
9) CloudJobs (Apple neuroSpark)
8) The Delonelinator (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/Harrison Neuroprosthetics)
7) Angry Military Protagonist vs. Aliens with Loud Report (Sony PS5)
6) Is This Forever? Drugged Child Simulator (Microsoft/HTC Synapse-a-tron)
5) Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Simulator (w/Gom Jabbar peripheral) (Nintendo Gii)
4) Boy Band: Color Me Badd Edition (Sony PS5)
3) Dwarf Tosser 3000 (Nintendo Gii)
2) Slaves to Bigmouth: God of Hunger, Chapter II: Smurf Fortress (PC)
1) Empathy box (Mercer)

You heard it here first.
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The only thing more tedious and self-aggrandizing than predictable end-of-the-year lists are the spineless motherfuckers who get their panties in a bunch over things they haven't yet experienced, and who proceed to capitulate their critical acumen and their panache to detect bullshit to a bunch of crass marketers and PR cocksuckers who are trying to get them to hype their latest vapid bibelots. Fuck these anticipatory lists and fuck anybody who thinks that, because Joey Genius Novelist or Johnny Videogame Hotshot has a new offering, it must, as a matter of course, be brilliant. Looking forward to something new is an understandable human impulse. But immediately assuming that it will be the artistic equivalent to nineteen years of nonstop oral sex is the act of a Bernaysian tool who wouldn't know integrity if it fired soulful bullets into his cold and undiscriminating corpus.
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Though not explicitly forward-looking, some of the medical "best of" lists imply what we can look for to come in the future... for example, some of these stories from Journal Watch predict that we'll soon see changes in the way we diagnose diabetes, supplement with vitamin D, and that we'll stop giving kids tylenol to minimize pain associated with vaccination.
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Space Battleship Yamato? Meh. Tell me when they make a good live-action version of Legend of the Galactic Heroes (YT trailer), an epic "space opera" that runs over 45 hours in total.
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From the Paul Buchheit list:

There will be an even bigger economic crash. The system becomes increasingly unstable as we try to paper-over the damage from one bubble by creating an even bigger bubble elsewhere. Nevertheless, things continue semi-working for some reason.

This made me raise my eyebrows a little bit.
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Huh... no Diablo 3 (that I could see, at any rate). Disapointing on the one hand, but not so much on the other.

If you're salivating over D3 and can't wait another 2 years, then Torchlight is a great single player replacement. After a 'meh' first floor or two, the battles and skills and gear really start to kick in, and it's almost like the glory days of D2 (incorporating even some of the more roguelike stuff in D1, like some negative consequences to actions).

The same company also made Fate (an ultra-simple hack n' slash that was a sort of proof-of-concept).

The dev team is largely ex-Diablo based, so a lot of the same influences carry over. Including, even, great music by the original Diablo composer.

It was five dollars in the past Holiday Steam Sale, but 19.99 is a very fair price for it.

Single play only, at the moment, but they plan on making a very Battle.net style online game within the next year or so.
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Here's my prediction for 2010: science fiction shows will rely on a color palette that consists almost exclusively of slate blue, grey, black, and white.
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patabagel: with a bit of red for accent. but only a bit.
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The Io9 list of anticipated books is really good. New stuff in my favorite series by China Meville, Charlie Stross, and Patrick Rothfuss and George R R Martin (maybe). Some great stuff I haven't heard of, and, just pre-ordered: The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals.
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Ghost Of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions Of PlayStation 5

"I like to appear in the living room with a PS5 hooked up to 2016's most popular TV, the 4'x8' Hi-Def Sony Titania," the Ghost said. "Then, I'll say in my best spooky voice, 'Jimmy! Behold what your kids will be playing while you're slaving away at an office job to support them!'"
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