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Let me introduce you to Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blog. To start,, I recommend some Ghost Patrol stories from Flash Comics. Or, perhaps some Spacehawk or Powerhouse Pepper by Basil Wolverton is more to your liking. No? How about some Stuntman by Jack Kirby? Maybe Golden Age Flash stories? Maybe some John Stanley? or Fletcher Hanks? Well, look around, I'm sure you will find something you'll like.

Not into Golden Age comics? Maybe you will like The Big Blog of Kid's Comics or Gold Key Comics.
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PGAC is one of the blogs I could almost file under "Stay away because it is such a huge time hole."

Crosseyed Cyclops is another fun one, he has links to .zip downloads of lots of comics and oddball pop culture mags, etc.
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Fantastic! I love golden age comic art for the amount of detail within the relatively simple graphics (no full-color blends and photo-realism, just line-art and swaths of color). Who can honestly say they really prefer the modern Captain Marvel design over the Whiz Comics era Captain?
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Fletcher Hanks is awesome. I'll read anything where a gangster is turned into a giant head and punted into the center of the universe where it is absorbed by a headless space giant. Why can't the Big Two focus on stuff like this instead of Yet Another Zombie Book?
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There really isn't a word for Fletcher Hanks. But if there is, it would have awesome in the definition.

I can't explain why, but I think this panel should be an official Metafilter something.
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I'm more of a silver age guy myself but this stuff is great.

I was on a golden age kick a few months back and got a whole bunch of really obscure comics from which unfortunately seems down at the moment.
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