Movies with Grandma Joy
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Movies With Grandma Joy: Dawn and her grandma review and re-enact the movies they see together. SPOILER: She wasn't a fan of "There Will Be Blood".
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That's really great.
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Reminds me of these blog posts.
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Movie of Grandmas (on a Greenscreen roller-coaster).
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From the There Will Be Blood Review:
"I have a milkshake and I have a really long straw and I drain your milkshake and I still have your milkshake. That's paraphrasing from the movie that we just saw."

"I don't remember him saying that. I'm just happy I have a milkshake."
Pure gold.
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Really awesome. Thanks so much for posting this.
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This makes me happy.
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The fact that they haven't made a new video in a year makes me sad. That they only ever got 39 subscribers makes me even sadder.

These are great.
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