Keith and The Girl!
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Keith and the Girl is a free comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Keith Malley and singer-songwriter Chemda Khalili. (please assume all links in this post to be NSFW)

Taped and broadcast live from Keith and Chemda's home in Queens, the podcast is topical, hilarious and absolutely NSFW. Controversial to the core, KATG generates its fair share of hate mail. Sometimes, the show is just Keith and Chemda, but they also often welcome guests to the broadcast. Frequent visitors include musician Brother Love, comedians such as Jesse Joyce, Myq Kaplan, Myka Fox, and celebrity gossip master Patrice Callender. The KATG gang also engages in various video hijinx such as this hotdog eating contest, Keith's audition for Phenomenon and this drunken game night. Keith and the Girl has a robust fan community which often gathers for meetups and live appearances of Keith and Chemda. Malley also frequently connects with fans in live chat parties. Several fans have shown their love for the show with KATG tattoos and brandings. Aside from the podcast, Keith and the Girl are also on the forefront of mankind's struggle against robots.
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Oh, whoops! There's a live show going on right now if you want to dive right in, but new listeners who want to get caught up on some of Keith and the Girl's background might also enjoy checking out this collection of KATG Beginnings.
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Did they get funny and/or talented in the last three or four years? Because when I tried listening earlier than that it was painful.

Perhaps I'm not in the target demographic?
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Maybe not. I've only started listening this year and I find the show absolutely hilarious, especially the Thursday shows with Patrice.
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Some of the early stuff is pretty awful, but I started listening a few years ago and think it's been pretty great since then. If you're going to watch one of his links, I recommend the hate mail one, because Chemda in Chell was pretty dang hilarious in cartoon form.
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I'll poke around. I'd be happy for them if they found a groove, and I'm glad they're making people laugh.
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Is it 2005? Because I think I got some lottery numbers.
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KAtG has got to be one of the funniest podcasts around, and yeah, they've gotten a lot better since their early days. The Thursday shows with Patrice always deserve an honorary mention :) If you are looking for a place to start, I'd definitely recommend Chemda in Chell from the KAtG TV archives.
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