Armed with SCIENCE!
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Armed with Science: Research and Applications for the Modern Military is a podcast put out by the US Department of Defense. Each week, they interview scientists and other personnel about R & D in the military. Topics include nutrition, portable fuel cells, virtual online worlds, substance abuse, and the effects of sounds on whale behavior.

Naturally, they are also on Twitter and on Facebook, and you can post questions there which they will try to answer during the shows. The new season of podcasts starts next week.
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from one of the episode pages,

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Harmed with Science, AM I RITE?
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What I found most interesting about the episodes was how science is carried out in a military setting. Besides the basic science roadblocks, there are all kinds of bureaucratic ones, which I didn't know about. For the study on man made sounds and whales, they had to convince the navy to let them use one of their submarines, which wasn't easy. Anyway, I guess it might be dry for some people, but I though they made for good worktime listening.
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Interesting. I've met Gerry Darsch, one of two in the nutrition episode. Natick develops the specs, and then gives them to us to buy. It's always great stuff, they design new processes and packaging methods. They work with industry and academia to solve problems. What usually happens is that when we go to try and buy these things and have them made on a large commercial scale, the processes don't really scale real well. What gets made in the lab by hand can't be made with existing technology, the reject rates are really high, and they cost like $96.43 per meal.
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This could be really cool. I kinda wanna do something in math/science/engineering, so I should check this out!
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