Elephant Parts
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Lucy and Ramona, cruisin' through the jungles of L.A. • How to achieve Neighborhood Nuclear SuperiorityName That Drug!Joanne RodanneMarketing Strategies of Detroit Car Makers • In 1981, Michael Nesmith (well-known for being the heir to the Liquid Paper empire, inventing MTV, and other things) released Elephant Parts, which went on to win the first Grammy Award for Video of the Year. Here's more from Elephant Parts.
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Wow! I caught myself humming Lucy and Ramona just yesterday as I was out working in my garden and catching some sun. And on a sidenote, my Boy Scout troop disbanded when everyone quit going to the Tuesday night meetings becuase that was the same night The Monkees was on.
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Michael Nesmith...well-known for...inventing MTV

Actually, Nesmith "invented" one of the predecessors of MTV -- PopClips on Nickelodeon in 1981.

There were other predecessors that pre-date Nesmth: QUBE Sight On Sound (1977), Robert Pittman's NBC Album Tracks in the late 70's and New Zealand's TVNZ network, Radio with Pictures, which premiered in 1976 and from which Nesmith took inspiration for PopClips. *
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We can't forget to mention Soundies, which date back to WWII
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DiscourseMarker is very put out that you made this awesome post on a night when she is too busy to come and look at it.
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To the arbiters of Old Skool Video Cred, I submit that I own Elephant Parts on Laserdisc.

Do I win?
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Oooh, Monkees trivia! Michael Nesmith has the same birthday as Davy Jones. Peter Tork taught math. Mickey Dolenz is the voice of Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear.

My work here is done.
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I watched the DVD of this a few months ago, and found that it had not aged well, though Lucy and Ramona was still pretty awesome.
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"One Ton Tomato. I ate a one ton tomato. One ton toe-may-tohhhhh. I ate a one ton tomaaaaay-tohhhhhh."

Ah. That was some funny funny stuff.
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.... paging Mr. Doboleena, Mr. Bob Doboleena ....
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...Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self-defense...
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How super excellent, it's like I am 13 again and back in the Golden Age of VCR. Thanks for the links.
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I've said this before, probably here, but it's time for The Monkees to be rehabilitated. They were much cooler than they got credit for, and yes, they started as a gimmick band recruited through auditions to ape The Beatles and A Hard Day's Night, but they became legitimate musicians and completely bucked their handlers and told them to go die when that was an unheard of thing to do. Plus, they had some great tunes.
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"Can I have another Mar-ni-gar-ita for my wife's fire, please?" (paraphrasing) I have a battered VHS copy of this in my cabinet and no way to play it.

My uncle showed EP to me when I was probably too young and it became a staple in our house. "Sunset Sam" made me want to move to L.A. and now here I am. So thank you (and some days screw you) Mr. Nesmith.
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DecemberBoy-I have the CD soundtrack for the movie Head. It has some great stuff. They were indeed real musicians. And they had their own style. Much of which is underrated.
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I just rewatched Head again about 2 nights ago. I *heart* Elephant Parts. I have at least one Monkees album in original quadraphonic sound. I used to host watching parties when the show was being rerun on MTV in the 80s.

Jeez, I'm actually a Monkees geek, and I'm just now realizing it? This is a tad disturbing.
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Anecdata: When I was a child I had all of the Monkees albums. Then I was in High school and the Monkees weren't cool. But a close female friend still liked them. So I gave her my whole collection.

My brother, who is 3 years younger than me, was pissed off!

So he went out and repurchased every album. Which I still have today.

Sarah, I hope you still have those albums, they are cool. Phil, I still have your collection at my house.

I miss my lost youth.

And a decent turntable.


Hippybear- Embrace your Monkee soul. (Place smiley emoticon here)
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Fun Fact: Stephen Stills auditioned for The Monkees. Charles Manson, however, did NOT: he was still in prison at the time and could not have possibly auditioned, that's an urban myth.
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Everyone knows Mike's mom invented Liquid Paper, right? Right.
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Of course y'do, it's right there in the OP. Sigh.

Mike was always my favorite. The modest but towering Texan needs no introduction. His stoic-like ability to endure pain proves why he is a leader among men.
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Dear Bobo....

Hubby's absolute favorite surrealist!
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let's not forget that canada's greatest rock and roll band got their name from this - the tragically hip
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Reno? Why Reno?

Not Reno, dummy, Rio! Rio duh jennero!

(and you know what? The same thing goes for Christmas!)

/dork (/wishful thinking)
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I think you had to have an older sibling really into the Beatles for the Monkees to hit you hard. The Fab Four were old folks' music, as far as 8-year-old me was concerned. (Besides, who needs to buy albums when you can annoy your whole family by holding a tape-recorder up to the TV, finger on the pause button, waiting for "Last Train to Clarksville" to start?)

And I heart Elephant Parts with a passion. Way, way before its time. So funny even now. Everytime I hear "Lucy and Ramona" (and I haven't in a while, so thanks for this great post), I think about how this is what Lou Reed would've sounded like if he moved to L.A., and traded heroin for Humphrey Yogart.
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And don't forget "Dr. Duck's Super Secret All Purpose Sauce" (1986). It features Martin Mull and Jimmy Buffett doing videos. I don't think it was ever released on DVD or VHS. I've got copies of "Elephant Parts" and "Dr. Duck" on Laserdisc and still watch them often.
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Why do I hear the bassline for the Pretenders' "Back to Ohio" in my head when I listen to "Cruisin'"?
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Er, "My City Was Gone," but you already knew that.
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Also: "If we were the Monkees, we'd be ready by now." --Frank Zappa, while band is tuning instruments. Originally brought to my attention by the Snark Handbook.
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