This little piggy went to market
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PIG 05049 (TED 11.5min) - Christien Meindertsma explores the processing of raw materials - in this case, anonymous Dutch pig.
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This is beautiful, thanks.
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Wow, these value chains are so complicated. Indeed we have no idea what ends up where. A look into a hidden world.
And I learned there was a TED conference in A'dam...
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amazing. though i think i might discourage the more squeamish of my ice cream eating, cigarette smoking, bread consuming friends from watching it.
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I got this book for Christmas! It's absolutely fascinating.
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The book is really wonderful, though I wish it were less than $61, which makes it a design object rather than something that could be read & discussed by everyone as is Michael Pollan. There's an older video (caution: it autostarts) at the Index Design Awards pages. There's also an essay on the book at Design Observer.
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