Calculus Lifesaver
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The Calculus Lifesaver lectures -- videos available here in streaming (Real Player), mp4 and wmv formats -- were originally given as "review sessions for the Princeton introductory calculus courses MAT103 and MAT104 during the 2006/7 academic year". Each lecture is about 2 hours.
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Thanks for this post. Will try calculus yet again . . . I found it very tough in college.
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I tried to read transcripts to some intro physics lectures by Yale's Open Course, but I got extremely annoyed by how some of the students would already know answers to the randomest things. I'm not going through that again. Let me know if you have anything by El Dorado Community College or something not peppered with references that make me feel extremely stupid.
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Very happy to see this online. I've been following Adrian's review sessions since the beginning; he started doing them when he was my TA for the Math 104 class I taught at Princeton in Fall 1998. His teaching abilities quickly became legendary among the Princeton undergrads. After he got his Ph.D. in 2002, he went to work at a local hedge fund, but still came back to Princeton every semester at finals time to give his famous review sessions!

He's also in an excellent nu-klezmer band, The Klez Dispensers.
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Now, if they had the same thing for Statics, Dynamics, and Machine Dynamics and Controls, I'd be set.
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I always found that calculus taught via nonstandard analysis as much more clear. I don't know why it is not taught more often in such a manner? It seems to help in the understanding of some the more philosophical problems of calculus. Or at least I never felt I truly understood calculus until I found about nonstandard analysis.
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I am taking my calculus midterm two days from now. Thank you.
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I just stepped back into class today for my Calc. & analytical geometry II course 13 years after taking Calc. I. I about had a panic attack cause I've forgotten so much. Hopefully this will help. Thanks!
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