As someone said, "awesomeness compressed into one video."
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Hoops, bellydance, circus, burlesque, fire, LEDs, staff, rainbows - what else could you fit in one performance? (SLYVF)
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That was fun.
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[Said in a Prof. Frink voice]



As a, qualified researcher of terpsichorean arts, I must OBJECT to the MISLEADING and INNACCURATE text of this description.


Sure, there is some fine exhibition of hoop and dance, but I can't see any burlesque in here; just belly dancing and HULALA, there we go; 9:50. But really, it simply cannot be called burlesque unless there's a strip. So far it's all tease and no STRIPPING, with the CLOTHES FLYING, FWING, FWING.

*HM* Fine. Yes, stripping noted at 10:32. Well choreographed, and suspenseful. However, I MUST point out that in burlesque the performance seldom stopped with performers wearing haltertops. *MHAY* The strip cycle canNOT be considered complete until one sees TASSELS, HOW THEY SWIRL, SWIRL, SWIRL.

Your point is taken. Note tassels, 12:15. However, there still remains the matter of the FIRE, it BURNS, LADIES, don't TOUCH THAT, GLAVIN.

I stand corrected.

Apologies to the poster; this is an amazing video.
And, uh, apologies to the other half of the population while I'm at it.

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Rachel Brice could chew these ladies up and regurgitate them like so many Skittles.
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It's a bit long -- could you give us links to the good parts? So far just looks like regular bellydancing.
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I don't know how to do links to specific points in Vimeo videos.

Hardcore Poser: As a burlesque dancer myself I'd let you know that not all burlesque needs to involve nudity.
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who is promoting what exactly?
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This is basically my life goal compressed into 20 minutes.
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That was great.
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I appreciate the effort but having worked with real professionals in most of those areas I can say with personal experience behind it that these are certainly jills-of-all-trades but not even close to mastering a single one.
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mert: I gather this is a showreel type video for the group.

BuddhaInABucket: It's their debut performance, so not surprising really.

More about The Hoop Unit (with pictures), their Facebook fan page.
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it's 7am and this will definitely be the highlight of my day.
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Unity with Double Fire Hoop at Fuente Eterno, March 2009

I suppose given the crowds I run with that I shouldn't be surprised I've seen some of these people before, but I'm still amused. Fuente is not exactly a huge event...
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