Bat Boy's Back and Ed Anger's Angry!
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Two and a half years after ceasing publication, and months after its back catalog was archived by Google Books, The Weekly World News has returned to the dead-tree marketplace as a comic book in a limited 4-issue series from IDW. So what's next for Bat Boy and his Friends? A TV show? (Maybe...)
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Of all the media outlets to turn out to be absolutely impossible to kill, it makes me so happy that the Weekly World News keeps managing to get its head back above water.

Something I haven't seen mentioned on MeFi yet is that The WWN is currently publishing as a website.
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The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and the Mutant Freaks That Shape Our World
was the first and last book I ever reviewed in my abortive career as a freelance media critic for (self-link)

I'm still pleased with the phrase "lackluster Photoshop japery."
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I really miss the Weekly World News... I often preferred Bat Boy and Ed Anger's reality over the real thing. It makes me pig-biting mad that when I shop all I get to stare at now is crap about losing weight and Heidi Pratt's addiction to plastic surgery. I'd much rather be reading an update about Obama's most recent meeting with aliens.
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IDW's next comic book conversion? FOX News.
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"Thanks to Pope Guilty and his amazing link, I no longer have to visit the Daily Mail website to get my daily dose of stupid! I can get all my crackpot theories without having to decide if women who put on 2lbs are fatties or redefining women's attitudes to their bodies. Thank you Pope Guilty!" - Sir Twine42 (Mrs), Maidenhead.
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That looked like I was being sarcastic, didn't it....? Damn.
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If only there were a useful symbol for that!
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This is proof that the public will pay for quality print journalism.
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Well, there is Bat Boy: The Musical. I saw this in NYC in the 90s at it was actually pretty good.
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Sorry, on thinking about it, the production was in late 2000 or early 2001.
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If only there were a useful symbol for that!


man, when I was little I always thought the weekly world news was trying to be serious and fool people into buying it with the most outrageous stories they could conceive. When I saw the hubble telescope photographs heaven front page back when I was in college, I finally got the joke. I know I know, I came very late to the party. For years afterward I was a devoted reader. It was only later that I realized that apparently much of their readerbase really did believe what they were reading in the WWN. which was sad.

but then I think about the endeavor. Someone decided to try to publish, nationwide, a joke tabloid full of "evidence" that was just intentionally bad photoshop or analog photo editing work. and succeeded! for a long time, the WWN was my best evidence that the world is better than it often appeared to be.
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also, this is amazing: Miley Cyrus Asian Photo, with followup article: Miley Cyrus Apologizes, Joins Communist Party. Oh Weekly World News, you still got it, baby!
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Worth reading for WWN nostalgia: the Economist's full-page obit of WWN editor/Ed Anger/Bat Boy creator Eddie Clontz.
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I still wonder what happened to the horse with a human head. According to some scientists he was smart as a whip!
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Fucking SOLD, batboyblue!
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Yes, Man-Thing! Manny the half-human/half/horse boy appears to be expunged from the archives - I suspect a CIA/NIH/Petco conspiracy.
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It's humorous to follow the saga of THE WORLD'S FATTEST CAT, which seemed to make it on the cover a few times a year.
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When the News reported the discovery of a hive of baby ghosts, more than a thousand readers wrote in to adopt one...

Awww! Ghost babies are so cute. Especially the hived ones... I'd probably adopt a drone or two myself. Uh, and ghost babies don't eat much, right? And I won't have to put them through college, I'm assuming? Cool.

Okay mom, here's yer damn grandkid. Yes, I know it's pale...
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