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Hanamushi has been mentioned previously, but the artist's site has been redone as part portfolio - part surreal point-n-click adventure.
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Fun stuff. Thanks!
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man this thing takes a long time but i pwnt the game. The art is pretty interesting too. Very clever "gallery"
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I thought it was quite stunning - seeing as it is actually a full, free game while also doubling as a presentation of the guy's work. That last 'sliding tile' puzzle was an annoyance until I read somewhere to work on one column at a time, but all the others where fair, solvable and gorgeous.
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Was there any way to go back and view the "completed room" while solving the sliding puzzle? I'm usually really good at them, but it took me several attempts, first because I didn't know where any piece went, and then after trying to memorize the room, I still mixed up two tiles.
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Was there any way to go back and view the "completed room" while solving the sliding puzzle?

The bottom links are jump-to buttons, and the exits open up if you have visited that room 'in-game' (saves so much time running around!) so I think you can just click the cog and you'll go back to the flash room next to the rocket and take off again. I don't think they're disabled in the giant girl.

Failing that, it autosaves, so you can hit refresh, start back at home and not lose any progress.
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Haha yeah, I did go back and use the bottom links to restart the puzzle after I realized it was a slidey-puzzle. I was hoping there was some way to quickly switch back and forth between the "completed" view and the incomplete one, to help with tile location identification. I guess this is another place where my crappy memory is a hindrance!
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Heh - Speaking of crappy memory - I totally forgot about the jumping around links when I did it, and spent the entire time wondering where that car in the top right came from!?! The connecting elements between the tiles were enough for me to get it together in the end, though. I guess you could have taken a screenshot at the right time, if you wanted to be all clever about it.
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