Infernal beasties
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The art of monsters with Guy Davis.
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Guy Davis draws Judge Death.
posted by Artw at 1:24 PM on January 20, 2010

I've loved this guy's art since The Marquis.
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The Art of Guy Davis

Looks like the Solomon Kane story with the weird horsey things is up for free on the Dark Horse MySpace page, but the animation is so poor I can;t figure out how to find it let alone create a link to it.
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Can somebody recommend the best trade paperbacks to dig this guy's work? (And other modern horror comics?).

Save me an Ask, huh?
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BPRD is awesome, and very well collected in trades, though IIRC it's not till Volume 2 that it finds it's mark and really gets going. It's a spin-off from Hellboy, but has become very much it's own animal of late. Though don't let that stop you reading Hellboy as well, because Hellboy utterly rocks. Mignola!
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Can somebody recommend the best trade paperbacks to dig this guy's work? (And other modern horror comics?).

Save me an Ask, huh?

The BEST Guy Davis original graphic novel I've read is The Marquis. Link!

I saw an art show of the original art once, he used real Zip-A-Tone, so one could tell that he had been working on the book for several decades. I think they stopped making Zip-A-Tones like 10 years ago or something.

Anyway, it is the apex of his work. Dark, intelligent, and beautifully illustrated.
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Thanks. Also, I'm falling in love with this artist he name-checks in the interview.
posted by Bookhouse at 4:15 PM on January 20, 2010

Olive Oil - Letraset still do physical screentone.
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I remember his work for the old Vampire: the Dark Ages RPG. It was so distinctive that when I saw The Marquis on the shelf in a comic book store years and years ago, I recognized the artist and bought it without a second thought.

Great stuff!
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Davis's work on Sandman Mystery Theatre, though not his most horror-y (it does have its moments), is pretty great.

I believe he also did some work on Vince Locke's Deadworld, which I spent a hallucinatory summer night reading more or less in its entirety off my computer screen a couple years ago. Holy shit, that insane fucking comic book.
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I picked up the first issue of "Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders" today, and it's pretty good, and Mario Guevara does a very good job of drawing the riders for the Guy Davis design, but I can't help wishing it was Davis drawing all of it.

I actually used to get Vince Locke confused with Guy Davis a lot - they both have a simialr scratchy rendering style. Locke is no slouch at drawing monsters either.
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I really liked the Baker Street series he illustrated for Gary Reed, which I thought was out of print, but on checking Wiki there's a complete edition that came out last year. Warning, its a bit Steampunky and the horror link is tenuous.

Seconding the recommendation of 'BPRD', my girlfriend loves it.
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I remember buying my first BPRD floppy and absolutely hating the art at first because it was so different from Mignola and goddammit, I wanted some Mignola. But by the end of the book I was totally sold; that hombre can draw, and now to be honest there are some characters (Kate Corrigan, ferinstance) who look weird to me now in the original Mignola appearances.
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Stand out BRPD monsters for me: The Wendigo (of course) in The Universal Machine, that "angel" thing from The Dead, and the really huge thing in The Black Flame.
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