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JunkStoreCameras : A piece of work, in more ways than one.
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I know how much you like to scroll, so we put a frame in your frame so you could scroll while you scroll.
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This is awesome.

The internet needs sites like this again. I've been staring at my CSS so long that this somehow is just refreshing: standards-noncompliant frames and weird, unannounced clickety things as far as the eye can see, all fill with awesome pictures of cheap cameras.
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(Oh, and the link shoulda probably been to here, instead - just nice to have it without the ad banner at the bottom, is all.)
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I predicted this site would be a member of at least one webring. I was not disappointed.
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The links to "Diana: The Musical" weren't at all what I thought they would be, nor were they what I was hoping for.

I'd put up links, but it's been so long since I've linked to a frame, I've forgotten how. It's on the sidebar.
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right-click, "This Frame -> Show Only This Frame," select URL, link
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I am digging the Meikai Crappy - tell it like it is for $6.95
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The Rollie 35SE is actually a damn good camera. I have a pair of the 35S model and the lens is nearly as sharp as the some of the lenses I use on my Ikon rangefinder.
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I think it is nice he actually takes pictures with the cameras and posts the results. For the Kodak Motormatic he says: I put a roll of film, which I’d found on the floor at some event, through it. I don't know if he means that he found it on the dealer's floor of a camera show, or literally found it on the floor at a dance recital or something.
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Agfa Click FTW! I have one of those, which I picked up because I was thrilled it had not only a tripod mount, but a mount for a shutter release cable. Click-ass!
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That's a great link, thanks. I really like the wry little stories with each one:

"I took the camera into the darkroom, removed the Gaffer's tape and, in the dark, attempted to pry the back off the camera body. In the middle of a good pry, it suddenly popped off. In the dark I could feel something that wasn't there before. A flap of something tough, yet pliable... it was wet, and getting wetter...eeeuuuu! It was a big slab of my index finger that had been torn off by a sharp hunk of rusty metal. My first thought was that I was glad my tetanus shot was up-to-date (due to a past accident which, by the way, was also photographically related). In the dark, while loading the film into the developing tank, I remembered an article I'd recently read. It was an interview with Naomi Campbell. She talked about how Helmut Newton had made her tighten her muscles and hold the pose for minutes, during a photo shoot. She said, "We all have to suffer for our art." , or something ridiculous like that."
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The Rollei 35SE is actually a damn good camera.

Too right. The Sonnar lenses on them are wondrous.

There's a few like that in his collection that aren't so much 'junk store' as 'gifts from people who have no idea what they're giving away'. I'm glad he's fixing, using and enjoying them instead of sticking them on eBay to make a quick couple of hundred quid.
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I'm kinda thrown off by the link to.... Seventeen Magazine in the FAQ.
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There's a few like that in his collection

I think it is nice he actually takes pictures with the cameras

Er, actually, "he" is a woman named Marcy. (Her name appears on every review, and her husband is referenced at least once.)
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whoops - I saw the name (though not the husband part) and wasn't thinking
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I think it's pretty clear that film cameras have now pretty much completed their rapid transition from objects of utility to objects of art. I'm cool with that but I hope that, like typewriter ribbons or part for antique cars, I'll continue to be able to buy the film and other supplies needed to take these things for a spin every once in a while.
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I feel the same as LastOfHisKind whenever I use my film camera, but I gotta say that pretty much every drug store and grocery store around here still sells film, and the drugstores still develop it. My fear, as someone who has no particular interest in developing his own film, is that the processing will go by the wayside soon, but I think we'll still be able to buy film for a while yet.
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Hey, a photoblaster! I had one of those in middle school! Only problem was that you got something like 96 shots to a roll of film, and so I never used up my first roll. Found it years later, finished it, got it developed, ended up with half shots of dead people and people I hadn't spoken to in years, half shots of college friends. Weird.
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Part of it might have been just that I was twelve. Once you take pictures of aaaall of your friends (and I didn't have a hundred of those) and your pets, there's not much more to take pictures of.
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