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Indie Planet 's design is impressive, though a little overbearing and CPU-intensive (and somehow, "next page" takes me to the "top of the page"). Its humor section features some McSweeney's writers, including Neal Pollack, who I learned to love from his work at the Chicago Reader.

The site launches next week, and I'm not sure who is behind or what exactly its motives are. Its manifesto says it's all about "freethinking individuals," but since creating a "storefront" is giving the same weight as creating a "home page," I guess it's more about "selling" "stuff." How indie.
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I'd like to state here and now that I chose to use that font ('De Stijl' by P22) on my site BEFORE I'd seen this!

grrrr ;-)
posted by prolific at 1:50 AM on March 2, 2000

Looking at it a bit closer I see it's not the same font. Phew.
posted by prolific at 9:43 AM on March 3, 2000

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