I bet you look good on the dancefloor
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Peter Lovatt is a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) and a former professional dancer. No wonder, he knows the secrets of looking good on the dance floor.
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Ups.. I accidentally linked the second page of the article... this is the first one.
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*Looks at ring and index finger*
*Estimates high level of prenatal testosterone*

...So why can't I dance?

"I don't think there is anybody who can't dance," says Lovatt...At the end of the day, Dr. Dance's message is simple: "Let go, your body should move!"

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The index/ring finger thing is pretty interesting. An article from the Independent about the same thing.
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If, like me, you don't wear a ring and are confused about the names of your fingers, read here.
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So, the secret to looking good on the dance floor is "be born more manly, loser"? As research findings go, that's on the painful side.

"Abstract: By synthesizing the results of a series of surveys and motion analyses, we come to the conclusion that we are born losers. Related finding: Mother was right all along."
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Haha, I'm with cimbrog. My right ring finger is a lot bigger than my right index finger but I've never been known for my dancing skills. I'm one of those people that messes up linearity I guess, I wonder how strong correlations were.
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Hehe, watching a British professor giving an explanation while wriggling around and dancing is rather amusing.

I'm a large, complex dancer, and yeah, it hasn't won me hordes of male admirers. But I dance like the under-16 girls in the study: for me, it's about having fun not attracting a mate. My husband is a good dancer, in the medium-complex category. Will have to measure his fingers when he gets home.

I think the guys who are the worst dancers are those in the extra-large/random category - to me it doesn't signal testosterone, exactly, but more of a lack of self-awareness that's a bit offputting. Yet my male friends who reckon they're bad dancers probably only fit into the small/simple group, which women don't seem to mind.
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So, the secret to looking good on the dance floor is "be born more manly, loser"? As research findings go, that's on the painful side.

No, it's to make large but co-ordinated movements. Which is something you can learn, if you are prepared to put the time in and look like a dick for a while.
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I've put in my whole life looking like a dick on the dance floor. Now I have to start all over again? This is the worst study ever.
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i_am_joe's_spleen, I totally concur. I've taken lots of dance classes, and spend time in a bar loosely studying the moves of dancers I admire on the floor, then try to put all of that into motion. I know I'm going to look like a dork as I try things out for the first time, but don't care.

And, I've gotten compliments on my dancing from ladies throughout my life.

The calculated risk/short-term loss of dorkiness as I try a new dance move is offset by the longterm advantage of adding to my dance lexicon.

/ Plus, I'd like my spleen back. If you're done with it, that is.
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