Describing a New Entropy
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Describing a New Entropy A reformulation of Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy by one Constantino Tsallis is causing quite a buzz/stir in the theoretical physics community. It was originally published in 1988, but it sounds like it's only recently hit its stride. There's going to be a conference on "Tsallis entropy" in October co-chaired by Murray Gell-Mann!
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Tsallis had better go carefully into this. I don't think I'd want this guy's ghost angry at me. (Anyway, I prefer Tallis.)
posted by pracowity at 6:35 AM on July 8, 2001

Fascinating. Thansk for that. I've looked around and this seems to be a good place to continue reading from (includes a link to Tsallis's latest review paper).
posted by andrew cooke at 7:38 AM on July 8, 2001

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