The life of an ant colony, with a touch of poetic license
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Trailhead, the life of an ant colony, as dramatized by E.O. Wilson.
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Reminds me of Bernard Werber's Empire of the Ants, which tells a story from the perspective of an ant colony, and one drone in particular who is trying to discover what is killing his comrades. (Hint: They're very large and wear shoes.)
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I love eusocial insects and E. O. Wilson. I have his coffee-table book on ants not a yard away from me. I won't be able to read this for a little while, but I'm looking forward to it, so thanks for drawing my attention to it.
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It's Ant Fanfic!
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This makes me want to play SimAnt...
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That was really, really good. Thanks.
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What a compelling read. So tragic. Thanks for this.
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_antastic read. Thanks!
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E. O. Wilson adds a sweet little ant - or 2 or 3 -scurrying away at the end of his signature (if you get him to sign one of his wonderful books).
It is all most adorable.
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That was a fascinating read. Thants!
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Before I moused over, I thought this would be a post about SimAnt. :(
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But, on reading, this is lovely. I adore ants.
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YAYS. EO Wilson has long been my favourite (nonfictional, still-living) biologist. I also tend to wield his views on scientific humanism wildly about like a club in the hands of a drunken and overenthusiastic viking.
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Great article. It reminds me of a pop sci ant book of his I read ten or more years ago, but cannot find on Amazon. I thought it was called The Ants, but that's clearly not the right book. Maybe it was *about* E.O. Wilson. I lent it to a buddy and never got it back. Anyhow, it was very similar to this article.
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