Breakfast destruction
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Daily life of the jihadis: rants, the usual aggressive posturing, murderous threats, and dreams of paradise. Also, problems with frying eggs.
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over 1,500 tapes and those two conversations are the heart of the article???

I'm not sure I understand why this was written?
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One of Mr. Miller's students said she was surprised to learn that the jihadis ate breakfast. She had never thought about it before. "They're sort of superhuman world terrorists, and you don't think about what they do in the morning," she told him.

Gads, it was written because of crap like that quote. What has our OWN propaganda machine wrought?
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Interesting subject. The tapes, I mean, and the book that is forthcoming about them.

You'd think that the "Chronicle of Higher Education" would have a higher caliber of comments. And to an extent, it does. But there's a couple stinkers in there - rather more well-written, but just as idiotic horseshit as you find in every city's daily paper's comments.
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Reminds me of the Family Guy sketch with Osama doing schtick while taping a video.
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MetaFilter: Engineers of eggs
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The original tapes are now at Yale University, though Mr. Miller has digital copies on his MacBook. And sometimes he listens to them in his car, driving around, Osama bin Laden on the stereo.

The TSA is never going to let this guy on a plane again.
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She had never thought about it before.

There's a lot of that about.
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If only there were a recording of a jihadi choking on a chicken bone while his cohorts refuse to perform the Heimlich maneuver because it was invented by a Jew.
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Yeah, and even better if they ran around in circles tripping over their comically long beards, AMIRITE?
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