Far Blue Horizon
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Morocco by Motorbike. The perfect escape for a lazy weekend day. Just watch out for ancient tombs.

Far more available on the Ride Reports section of ADVRider.
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Lovely photos - a good way to get off the tourist track, certainly.

I wish they had someone well-versed in geology along with them, though - there's a lot of amazing features there to be pointed out. For example, the Todra Gorge was not entirely caused by the " innocuous looking little river at the bottom," it's a huge fault in the plateau.
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That bridge crossing was seriously bad news -- I would have been crapping myself. (Though like a lot of risks people take on those kind of trips, it's being in a hurry that gives you real problems. If you have the time and money to just chill out for a few days, you could wait for the river to drop and cross when it's safer -- crossing when he did was asking for trouble.)
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Those Morocco photos make me want to get on a plane right now.
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Very awesome !!
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I wanted to like this. The photos were nice, but the writing... well, it made me grumpy and unable to enjoy the good bits. There was something a bit icky (to me) about how he was constantly amazed at the existance of poor people and donkeys and how nice and friendly those locals selling him trinkets were. Several times he mused on how they must seem like some fabulous group of aliens riding their fabulous alien machines through the magnificient landscapes to the amazement of the poor ignorant (but oh so colorful and friendly and warm) people living there. I'm exaggerating for effect, of course, but that is how this travel blog struck me.

And then there was this lovely bit of homophobia on day 1: "Then came our choice for the day; it was either along off-road tracks up into the Atlas mountains and back to our hotel a journey of some 96km or a shorter route of around 50kms all on the road. John succinctly posed the question “So, who wants to take the homo route back?”. Unsurprisingly there were no takers..."
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Maybe he's just a fan of Latin, and meant "the same route back"?
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Hey! I wanna buy the celestial staircase for a retreat. Whose the broker?
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UbuRoivas: "Maybe he's just a fan of Latin, and meant "the same route back"?"

Hee, okay. "Homo shit, hetero day," sighs our motorcycling latinist after a long day at work. "I wish I could travel and visit hetero wonderful places instead doing the homo thing day in and day out."
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MetaFilter: Homo shit, hetero day.
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