In Soviet Mushroom Kingdom, Goomba Eats You!
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What about his early career in the Party, when he singlehandedly defeated the rapacious capitalist gorilla and his many fast-rolling lackies?
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There is no Princess in this short, but I understand there was a young blond woman in an American hospital calling herself "Peaches Peacherson" around this time, and they say . . .
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Sorry Mario, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is in another castle.
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No fireworks??
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This made something itch at the back of my brain, and maybe one of you can scratch it: I remember reading a few years ago about an indie video game that was designed to look like a badly translated, Soviet made game based on Alice in Wonderland. It was called something like "Little Western Girl's Underground Adventure." Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Never mind, found it: Little Girl in Underland.
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I don't think that's a true story.
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That was awesome. Thanks for posting this!
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I'm surprised that this is not a double as it's somewhat old, the original animation is hosted at newgrounds. Anyway, I love this kind of 'alternative' interpretation, especially in games with near to no plot like Mario.

For example, what happens after Mario goes through a level, or how Bowser is really regarded among the citizens of the kingdom. And this hilarious animation.

The music is awesome too. If anyone's wondering, it's Farewell of Slavianka performed by the Red Army Choir. (Guilty pleasure, I love this kind of march)
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Hmm. At the risk of being branded a counter-revolutionary, I wish the director had foregone Eisensteinian dialectical perfectionism for a more Vertov, Kino-Pravda approach.
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Extended flash animations are starting to feel so old school.
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You know, this is a more faithful interpretation of the Battle of Stalingrad than that Pearl Harbor movie was of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
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I'm sure I've seen this on Metafilter before, probably from this post by StephenV with its now dead first link. StephenV doesn't seem to frequent Metafilter anymore.
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Whoops: StephenV.
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Why the surprise? Mario has always come from the Left to attack the oligarchy of the Right!
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Actually, Mario makes for a poor revolutionary vanguard. Throughout the levels of the original game he blindly runs to and fro, doing the work of the nobility (the Princess and Bowser), while clearly being manipulated by them to give up his labour for free, believing that he lives in times of 'exceptional circumstances' or 'great terrorist threat'. He never stops to question the methodology of his supposedly socialist service, doesn't take issue with the fact that the masses are not only not being mobilised, he kills many of them!

A true revolutionary plumber would reject the monarchy, give a rousing red speech to the goombas and turtles, then proceed to march with them to reclaim ALL of the castles in the land for the people, equally. He would then refuse the offer to rule the land, and return to fixing those vital pipes that the land relies on for transport and water. No great hero, just man, a man of the people.
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I skipped the intro, and then the game was, like, finished in about one second lol wtf?
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