Minimal origami
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Minimal origami is paper folding with just one fold. A single fold in a piece of paper is enough to make a swan or an interesting curve. Notably, Paul Jackson has made beautiful one crease origami structures.
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The "one crease" link is giving me several your-computer-is-infected javascript popups - might want to disable js before visiting.
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I checked the "one crease" link with McAfee and it seems to be OK.
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Yeah, I tried it some more and it looks like it's alternating between the legit page and a page offering cracks and warez. It seems like the hosting provider has fallen victim to some sort of DNS hijacking.

A great post BTW - didn't mean to detract from the subject matter.
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The swan appears to contain three folds, albeit done in one folding action.
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The "One Crease" link worked fine for me. Of course it's possible that an infected site might only 'hit' a small portion of incoming traffic, in order to prevent it from being discovered.
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I'll accept "minimal" but, there is much more manipulation going on than "one crease". That said, there is a quality of simple beauty in those pieces of paper.
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The designs on that flickr page are amazing, btw.
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I got the bogus page, too. I flagged your post, hopefully a mod can remove that link.
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I loved the minimalism. Some of these kind of reminded me of fortune cookies, but I like it. Something about the things he made were really relaxing. It was very clean looking. I'm not being very articulate (it's too early on Sunday), but I really enjoyed the pictures.
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Mod note: Killed the "one crease" link.
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Minimal? Yes.
Beautiful? Yes?
One-Crease? No.
Still breathtaking in simplicity? Yes.
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[More after the fold]
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For varying values of one.
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I was disappointed not to see the one-fold stegosaurus, but this was cool anyway!
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Ah, I get it now. They define "fold" as a crease - no crease, no fold; although many of us would interpret any bending of the paper as a fold.

Thus, even though there are two hard breaks in the flow of the swan (the long crease and the sharp bend point at the head), and of course the wings are made by retroflexing the paper after the crease is made, only one crease was made - thus, one fold.

Other than that sensational-jargon aspect of their claim, it's perfectly wonderful to me.
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