A kind of living nightmare in the chill out room feel
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Jon Ronson On "Each week in a series of interviews, short location reports, scripted monologues, phone calls etc, Jon Ronson delves into a world of personal stories surrounding the central theme which all shed light on the human condition." You can download all the episodes here.
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Lovely. Thanks for this. I waited many eons for the third series to get uploaded to his old site, and eventually gave up
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I can heartily recommend Jon Ronson On. It's like This American Life, but more Jon Ronsony.
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If you're looking for somewhere to start, Jon Ronson On...Worst Internet Date is a pretty good place.
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Funny, my friend just turned me on to him last week. Really great stuff!
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I loved "Them."
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Thanks for this. I have alot of time for Jon Ronson but had not realised these shows were taking place. My commute will be all the pleasanter for this!
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The most recent episode for download, Living In A Movie, is also a rather spectacular tale - along the same lines as the Worst Internet Date show.
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As much as I loved Them and The Men Who Stare At Goats, I can't wait to dig into this.
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Thank you! I had no idea this existed.
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I started listening to these today after seeing it mentioned in ask and they are awesome. I've also been trying to figure out where I knew the voice from and Pope Guilty's comment reminds me that it was probably a Skeptics Guide interview about the goat staring movie thing. I definitely need to get my boyfriend listening too, he's a BBC fan in general and will like this as much as I do (which is a lot).
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I'm in the middle of the episode where Robbie Williams is obsessed with the paranormal, and Jon Ronson's describing what it was like to call haunted houses offering to bring Williams. Once he mentions the pop star's name, he says, "homeowners started flinging their paranormals at me, like debutante daughters." Absolutely hillarious.
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I'm in the middle of the episode where Robbie Williams is obsessed with the paranormal,

See my previous post on that...
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I'm taking a flight soon, and am a mildly anxious flyer. Anyone know if his "Fear of Flying" is perfect to listen to while flying, or awful?
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