July 9, 2001
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Straight from the "Life Imitates Art" file, you're never too old to have a good time.
posted by donkeysuck (4 comments total)
I hope I never get that old. Kill me next week, please.
posted by vandoren at 11:38 AM on July 9, 2001

me, I hope I get old that way.
posted by rebeccablood at 1:13 PM on July 9, 2001

Viagra is going to change things in a weird way .. I know one guy in his 80s who gets around with the younger ladies because of the V vitamin.. imagine what else they will come up with by the time we reach that age.. id only want to live into my 120s if I can live like that.
posted by stbalbach at 1:43 PM on July 9, 2001

Two of the gentlemen--February and June, I think--were on CNN (it was a REALLY slow news day, apparently) last week. They kept saying stuff like, "What?" and not making a whole lot of sense. Didn't seem like they were very with-it.
posted by gramcracker at 2:11 PM on July 9, 2001

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