Irony King and Staggering Genius Dave Eggers
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Irony King and Staggering Genius Dave Eggers after reading from his book to a banjo and spoons accompaniment, talking about elephant art, and having panties thrown at him [no, I am not joking, though I suspect a publicity stunt by our local hipster newspaper] revealed what some may have already known: that he is the voice behind McSweeneys favorite, Lucy Thomas! The Trib article says he's buried the link to her articles, but I've tracked it down in all its resplendent glory.
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Note that those renowned, humorless bastids at have removed all but the most recent of the lovely phony reviews posted at Eggers' behest. "Number of Reviews: 17"
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I bet the humorless neenerhead from Virginia, whose review begins with a complaint/mischaracterization ("e-contributions to this column"?) of the fake reviews, responsibly notified the dear sirs or madams at Amazon who maintain the pages that their "helpful customer-review e-column is being abused by twentysomething cage-rattlers."
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Speaking of irony/eggers, Dave was quite the gentleman the whole evening and would frequently interrupt to ask us "hey, is anything going on tonight in seattle, I have nothing to do..."

How charming, we all felt bad that we were not doing something more interesting that we could entice the charming Mr Eggers into doing with us. The last question of the night was from a saucy blonde in the corner. She asked "could I take you out on the town tonight?" at which point the irony king admitted that he was going out with friends and was not, in fact, really and truly free that evening. Alas.
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