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Elevator: Season Three: MLYT

Originally produced by HBO's experimental new media division HBOlabs, the free internet TV show never really gained much in terms of 'ratings' or comedy traction. But once the whole enterprise was bought by Mefi Favorites Break.com, the show started to be both funnier and more popular with the expansion of characters like Harold the Janitor, Rob the black guy, and Intern Jane, and by even moving out of the elevator.
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I watched all of these a long time ago but haven't kept up with the series since. There's some good stuff in here!
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Interesting, didn't really someone had adapted the Camera Café idea this way.
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Also partially related, Woody Tondorf does a mean beatbox.
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Yeah, that was mean. I had the same look on my face as the lady in there. I like the series though. It's kind of sad to see really popular internet shows that I think are funny, because ultimately it seems like they'll never get the recognition they deserve on a larger scale. Funny stuff though.
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Woody, Ben (Harold), and Craig (Rob) are some of the funniest people I know. The show is fantastic and should be more well known, but hasn't gotten it's big break.

Craig in particular is one of the best actors I know. His work on other comedies like The Crew and Craig and the Werewolf is fun to watch, but the real heavy lifting is done on a show called Compulsions.
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