And they're all from Barcelona
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I'm from Barcelona is making the 27 songs from their new album--one from each member of the band, one per day--available for free download, starting last Jan. 27th.
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On the 12th day of downloadmas
Barcelona gave to me
A song about a yellow jersey.

(which i seem to remember Kraftwerk doing first)
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I can speak English. I learn it from a book.
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Don't mention the .war file.
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If you've never heard of these guys, I'd recommend watching this and deciding if you want to hear more or suddenly perforate your own eardrum.
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Going by Adam_S's link, not really bad, but uninteresting and rather pointless.
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They are so much fun live. When they tour, they bring the entire ensemble with them overseas. They know how to crowd a stage.
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I like the cute, slightly goofy one.
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Here's a Take Away Show of them. I also like the loony fun of the stamp collecting ditty (.mov).
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I like I'm from Barcelona a lot. They've got a Polyphonic Spree vibe, very joyful and great. You're missing out if you dismiss them before listening through their first album.

So, thanks for the link!
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While I listen to this I'm going to be Bruce Willis.
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I love this! It's like Polyphonic Spree, but without the Jonestown Massacre feel with the costumes and everything.
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As a promo activity they should fight Stephin Merritt from New York.
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Perhaps the title of this FPP is some sort of ironic joke that I'm not getting, but I thought I'd chime in and say that they're actually from Sweden, not Barcelona.

They're not bad; I'm sure they'd be a hoot live. Here are a few Swedish indie pop bands and performers I'd rather listen to, though (in no particular order):

Pelle Carlberg
Loney, Dear
Jens Lekman
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Peter Bjorn and John
Lykke Li
El Perro del Mar

If you just listened to I'm From Barcelona for the first time and liked it even a little bit, and you haven't listened to those artists, do give them a listen.

Also, if you're into mp3 blogs, check out Swedesplease. I haven't been following it lately, but the guy is pretty damn comprehensive in his coverage of Swedish Indie music.
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They aren't going to go down in music history as changing the landscape or challenging us in new ways, but I really like their album. It's fun, it's poppy (and I generally don't like poppy*), it's interesting, and I can remember the words while I bounce around with my 9 month old daughter in my arms. So I give it a thumbs up and will be checking out the downloads.

*for opium, however, I am a fiend.
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**not really
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Perhaps the title of this FPP is some sort of ironic joke that I'm not getting

The chorus of their biggest hit is "I'm going to sing this song with all of my friends, and we're all from Barcelona."
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My birthday is January 27th so I'm counting this as a present.

I'm From Barcelona. To Mike Mongo. From Metafilter.


Ahh! You all are the best!
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Yeah, brenton, but they're not. They're from Sweden.
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