Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway
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Artist Ray Troll (previously 1, 2) and paleontologist Kirk Johnson, the self-described "paleo-nerd duo", have been working as a team ever since they took a road trip across the American West in search of fossils. In 2007, the pair published the book Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway based on those travels. Most recently, they have collaborated with Dr. Elizabeth Nesbitt at the Burke Museum (previously) in Seattle to produce a traveling exhibit by the same name. posted by shoesfullofdust (10 comments total) 16 users marked this as a favorite
Hells yes! Great post! I work super close to the Burke Museum and I haven't been to the exhibit yet. Tiny lunchtime meetup, anyone?
posted by librarina at 10:47 PM on February 6, 2010

Ray Troll has to be the best T-shirt artist alive. His shirts were a high point of my time in Juneau. I wish I had one or two left, but I've worn them all out. Spawn Till You Die is a perennial favorite.
posted by Jimmy Havok at 11:11 PM on February 6, 2010

This. And Thankyou. For all of it.
If anyone follows their lead on doing the amazing western drive/fossil hunt... don't miss out on jumping up into Alberta and seeing horseshoe canyon. It has also what you are looking for.
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Ray Troll made my favorite Christmas card of all time.
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This guy must have a ton of trouble getting served in restaurants.
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Gave these links a read mainly because I was so delighted that someone used the prefix "paleo" in a way that didn't describe a diet plan for New York hipsters with urban burnout or the state of being a non-neoconservative.

Good stuff. Hope the exhibit comes my way once it hits the road.
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The early "Spawn Till You Die" t-shirts were white ink on a black shirt, which was perfect for an eighties Alaskan punker kid. I was disappointed when he switched to printing it in color. I still have the original shirt in the back of my closet.

Ray did the labels for Ketchikan's Raven's Brew Coffee, which have also been printed on t-shirts. (I buy beans from Heritage Coffee in Juneau, though.)

Another Ketchikan artist who has done work reminiscent of Ray's is Evon Zerbetz. I really like some of her raven cards.
posted by D.C. at 6:56 AM on February 7, 2010

Yeah, Ray Troll has probably had more of an impact on Southeast Alaska fashion than any other person in history. Which says a certain something about the state of "fashion" in Alaska, methinks. I tried wearing my old Spawn Til You Die shirt in New York recently. Boy, it really didn't translate for folks here. Not even in an ironic hipster way........which makes it even more awesome.
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The soundtrack, buried in the last (listen here) link, was the part that pushed me from "hey, cool" to "must post". From the delightful singalong Ages of Rock, to the straight on rock of Hell Pig ("Archaeotherium - apex of oblivion"), to the B-52s inspired Ammonite, it'll rock your inner paleonerd. Has more cowbell rock hammers!
Your Fibonacci sequence speaks volumes to my soul
I trace your inner coils and I start to lose control
These armored squid enthrall me, they octopi my time
Dreaming of your sutures, calamari so divine

Ammonite - pure delight
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I've got luv for Ray Troll ever since I first caught his stage show at the Alaska Folkfest. Hilarious mashup of music and wearable art. Oddly enough, Ketchikan is a hotbed of wearable art. His shark exhibit at the Alaska State Museum was awesome. Like D.C., I also dig Ketchikan artist Evon Zerbetz whose Raucous Raven! exhibit was awesome as well.
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