Popular: The UK's #1 Hits Reviewed
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Popular: Every UK #1 single since 1952, reviewed in chronological order by Tom Ewing. He's up to 1987.
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Ah crap. I'm going to want to read the whole damn thing in chronological order, and I'm not even done getting through filthy light thief's drum n' bass post.
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This is pretty great.
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I'm really enjoying these reviews. Thanks!
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This is massively entertaining, but I don't think the guy can bring himself to praise a Police song without taking a jab at Sting.
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The guy doing this is a Metafilter user; he raised his hand in this thread six years ago when his project was just starting. Congrats Freakytrigger, you outlasted your Yank counterpart (who bowed out with "Rock Around The Clock" in 1955, archive here).
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I came across this a couple of years ago when he was up to about – I think – 1966, and it's great. Always meant to check back, but for some reason didn't. Anyway, it's really perceptive, sharp and entertaining criticism, which is the best kind, and it really comes through that he genuinely loves pop music, and isn't afraid to dig into it.
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Oh, and someone should give him a book deal for this. Because for all the blog-to-book deals that have happened over the past few years, I can't recall any being as apt, and as well-written, as this.
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In a show of solidarity I'm going to buy all of these songs off iTunes at one year's worth per week.

Except for the songs by The Beatles and the ones I already have obviously.
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That's great. Really interesting to chart my progression in listening to popular music.
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It's funny to look at this from an American perspective, especially in the 70s and 80s.

It's like:
Heard that.
Who the hell is that?
Bought that.
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Now I remember why I stopped listening to the radio about '81.
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This is really good, and the level of erudition in the comments is...intimidating.
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I love this kind of stuff. Any excuse to talk about music is a good one in my book. Like most of my favorite critical endeavors, it's often more fun reading the reviews I disagree with than the ones I agree with. I commend him for sticking with it.
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Didn't expect to enjoy this link, but I checked it out, and am hooked! Thanks for posting...
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That reminds me, the UK can go suck a donkey for making American Pie #2 and I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing #1 in January 1972.
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Soooooo, he gave John Lennon's "Imagine" a 2/10? I was starting to think this guy was brilliant! Still love reading his reviews, even though he's dead wrong about Lennon.
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This is great! Bookmarked. : )
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Username taken from a Win album? This is promising.
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Tom is my favourite music writer of the '00s (and now the '10s, I guess), and Popular has been my main hangout as a commenter for the past year (after a few years as reader), once he reached my own "year of pop" of 1983. It really is one of the landmarks of the web. If you can relate to the UK viewpoint - and some years that will be harder or easier, depending where you're from and how much your charts had in common - you'll find it utterly addictive.

Newfers, even if you might think he's dead wrong about "Imagine", he's rated plenty of Beatles tracks highly and written some brilliant things about them; he wrote the first half of those Beatles remaster reviews for Pitchfork last year. He also writes now for the Guardian.
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This is missing a "magnificent obsessions" tag. I really appreciate a serious run at a giant project that is sustained only by one's own since of completeness and inertia by the end*.

*Like the time in high school when I catalogued all of my ABBA songs by which albums I had them on, and in which languages. It's amazing I ever got a date.
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