...but don't expect to be attending the Oscars ceremonies.
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Animator Nick Cross is a Spumco veteran who's made a couple of cartoons that are adorably anti-corporatist and anti-imperialist in flavour. (prev). His latest personal project is called "Pig Farmer" and now you can buy yourself an Executive Producer's credit (or at least a "thanks").
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For those who were wondering, like me, about Spumco, it was an animation studio.
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Those are exceptional cartoons.
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Spumco has (had?) some of the best title cards ever.
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if I were wealthy, I'd write him a $5000 check right now and be like "you sure you don't need more?" It is my continual shame that I'm not wealthy enough to do things like that.

maybe I need to get into weapons manufacture.
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Man, that "Waif of Persephone" is cynical isn't it?

Great cartoons, thanks!
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Thank you!
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