Small Trades of Salonica
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At the American Farm School historical records they have a large collection of postcards. In amongst them are these small sketches of local traders.
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I miss the days when milkman, fishmonger, and crossing-sweeper were all respectable professions. These days, I meet somebody and they tell me that they're a Compliance Financial Analyst... try to paint a decent postcard of that.
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Come on, there has to be some American School Farm people here.
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I know now why I have a crush on tellurian. can I spouse you?

btw, historical Chinese traders and tinkers with beautiful hand sketches
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Oh my! Nice link.
The castrater is also a vet for cats and dogs. He always rides a bicycle, attaching different kinds of small knives and pliers to his waist as a characteristic of his identity, travelling around the city streests and looking for business.
You win.
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Lovely, eloquent hands. (Of course, as we know from John Berger, pictures of working people must show the hands.) So much character in every face. Character in face and hands.
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I miss the days when milkman, fishmonger, and crossing-sweeper were all respectable professions.

I'm not sure about crossing-sweeper, but fishmongers still exist and many are quite respectable.
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nothing to win, no competition, we all win ;)
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Actually if I remember correctly, crossing sweepers (at least in London) were actually drawn from the homeless and extremely indigent classes and were considered more of a nuisance (pretty much the Victorian equivalent of windshield-washing street people nowadays) to be paid a pittance and ignored, rather than a respectable professsion.
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Paging hermitosis to assign tarot trumps to each of the professions...
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Back when I was a wee tot, we had a milkman. And we respected his profession.

Now we're in the northeast corridor, where the grocery store is just a couple blocks away even in the suburbs. Milkmen make no sense.

The times, they are a changin'.
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I was going to snark about the lemonade vendor probably making as little money as kids on the corner do these days, but then I clicked the full-size image.

The dude's a pro. If we had guys walking around with soda fountains/beer taps on their backs these days, dehydration would be a thing of the past. Come to think of it, it'd be great viral marketing in cities, and be cool for stadiums.
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I'm secretly in love with their sample image.

"Okay, time to test the scanner...what do we have?"
"I have a tension square!"
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These are terrific, thanks!
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mccarty.tim, vendors who carry liquids like that are still around in Mediterranean countries (example photo of tea vendor in Turkey), though maybe only in tourist areas?
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Server is dead now, but living in Salonica, I got to add this tidbit: The AFS sells excellent same-day fresh milk and eggs throughout the city (the proceeds help sustain the school). I always found it ironic that I couldn't get anything like that in actual America.
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Server is dead now
I have them cached here if you want to see them.
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