Truckin' My Blues Away
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Truckin' My Blues Away is an hour long audio documentary on older Southern blues singers featuring Little Freddie King, Captain Luke, and others. It promotes the work of the Music Maker Relief Foundation which supports traditional musicians (previously). There is an accompanying slide show and the producers are working on another documentary, Still Singing the Blues.
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I would just like to comment that I mid-read that last title as "Still Slinging the Blues," which made me picture a greasy-spoon diner with a bunch of old bluesmen working a long griddle and slinging hash and serving up scrambled eggs. Twelve-bar Blues served up with a side of heartburn and coffee.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled thread, already in progress...
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Just started listening to the radio show, surprised to hear Captain Luke from Winston-Salem, N.C. doing a cover of Tony Joe White's "Poke Salad Annie". Love that tune.

Inspiring to hear folks like this who are 82 years old (dang!) making music onstage. He sure doesn't sound 82.
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Currently watching Ovation's "Bluesland: A Portrait in American Music", a 2-hr history of early blues. Loving this.
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