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Valentines from E.B. White, Mark Twain, Katharine Hepburn, E. E. Cummings, Alexander Hamilton, and Zero Mostel. From libraries and archives around NYC, via the NYT (more info here).
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NYT describes the telegram to Hepburn as "almost resembl[ing] email in its lack of punctuation and in its upper-case sense of urgency". But what it resembles even more is a telegram.
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E.E. Cummings wins, I think.
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Very interesting -- and wow, fewer words do say it a whole lot more...
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obvious: E.E. Cummings wins, I think.

He always does, the charming fucker.
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Enjoyed this very much. I love the telegram but I wonder if it's just that it reminds me of Twitter nowadays. I was composing a librarian-valentine post and I found this article that totally thrilled me: Charles Dickens visits Cupid's Manufactory which is sort of a half jokey half serious visit to a valentine manufacturer in 1864. Apparently this was something you could do, for a job, make valentines.

I love how EB White's wife left an editor's note on his valentine to her.
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Aw, I like the Katherine Hepburn one best -- I love when people manage to fit emotion into the confines of their medium and I am fond of the purported casualness of something quite serious. I always like when declarations of love are made in a way that is really typical of the people making them; it makes them ring so much truer.
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That Dickens piece is a wonderful find, Jessamyn! I loved it!
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I am grateful--grate-fuler than ever before that you were born, & that your love is mine... SLC

I bet it was a blast to hang out with Mark Twain. He would make a great MeFite.
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'Tis a pretty story indeed that I am to be thus monopolized, by a pretty nut-brown maid like you – and from a statesman and a soldier metamorphosed into a puny lover ^_^

— Alexander Hamilton
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I'll take E.B. White's. You can't just sit down and write something like that in a few stray minutes. You have to work at it. It shows that he actually spent time, and likely considerable effort, producing a wonderful work to accompany his heartfelt sentiment; that counts for quite a lot.
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Alexander Hamilton for me. Thanks - I dislike Valentine's Day intensely but these were lovely.
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