SNPedia's Top 10 SNPs of the Year
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SNPedia is a wiki-based database of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Here are SNPedia's Top 10 SNPs of the Year.

SNPedia runs on Semantic Mediawiki, an extension to Mediawiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia.

I'd like to hear from fellow enthusiasts of Semantic Mediawiki. What have your experiences been? Please post comments.
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Well, it's cool, but it's no hexacopter.
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A semantic mediawiki is a great way to just get your data out there and to easily have people contribute to it. It's certainly easier to use than Protege or any other tool you can use to build your ontologies.

The bad part is that the SMW is incredibly slow and quite resource intensive for such an webapp. It's quite buggy and fixing the errors that will come up is no fun at all since the developers seems to think that inline documentation is silly and that documentation should be in a wiki somewhere, a wiki that is not really up to date. Also, good luck getting your data out of one since the last time I looked at the rdf from a SMW the data in the dump wasn't really consistent with data in the wiki.
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you might want to consider asking this in Ask Metafilter.
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wow! i hope this is the end of the era where rare diseases go undiagnosed. (like Maple Syrup Urine Disease )
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Please post comments.

You're not the boss of m...DAMMIT!
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This is awesome. Thank you.
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I was hoping for an online reference guide to the Scottish Nationalist Party. Oh well.
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We have been slowly integrating Semantic Mediawiki into Hampedia, the Hampshire College "wiki" (it's much more than a traditional wiki). It's exciting and has been working well (doing some cool things with Semantic Forms, and hoping to integrate it all into a calendar), but it has been slow going... If you look at any student profile page (here's mine) and look at the box on the right-hand side, you can see the beginnings of a Semantic system (click on any of the languages, for example). We'd love more help, as our Semantic expertise consists of essentially one person. ^-^
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Wow. This is great.
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