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B-Rhymes is a rhyming dictionary that compares words based on their sounds, making it ideal for finding near-rhymes.
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Why do I always have to have this argument? Porridge does not rhyme with orange. And as for ostrich...
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I'll be buggered if I can remember the song, but I was thoroughly impressed by a lightweight, radio friendly pop band who rhymed corner with want to.

corner = co-nah!
want to = wo-nah!

It was a hit in Australia maybe five years ago, give or take.
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Orange? We got that B-Rhyme!
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You can click on the results and get near rhymes for near rhymes. So you get something like:
quixotic > devoted > distorted > interpret > birthrate. Since "quixotic" is nowhere near "birthrate" the relation "nearly rhymes with" does not have the transitivity of "rhymes with", which would limit application beyond couplets or triplets.
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loves it.

Should I, after tea and cakes and ices, have the strength to learn what gneiss is?
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WARNING! willF's weft wafts whiffs of wolf!
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I remember when Flo Rida rhymed "dope" with "dopes."

Let's see you beat that one, computer rhyme-making machine.
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It could get pretty ridiculous
My favorite from Ice Cube:

Droppin bombs on your moms,
Kill car alarms

Just for funI looked up alarms in the B-Rhymes site, and "moms" was nowhere near the list, even if affront was the 99th suggestion.
Makes me think I can rap now
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One of my favorite rhymes are the 'b' lines in the last stanza of Isaac Watt's Hymn 158:

Lord, let not all my hopes be vain,
Create my heart entirely new,
Which hypocrites could ne’er attain,
Which false apostates never knew.

It's in the Sacred Harp (Windham, 38b).
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I remember when Flo Rida rhymed "dope" with "dopes."

Pfft...The Fray can top that:

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came

A whopping 50% of their lyrics use rhymes that AREN'T the exact same word!
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"My name is Gabby, and I just got here from Chile.
I like Canada; except that it is chilly.
I met Premier Bob Ray, and he ain't no Pinochet
My mother makes a spicy bowl of chile-- THREE RHYMES!"
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Eating an orange /
While making love /
Leads to bizarre en- /
Joyment thereof.

-- Tom Lehrer
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I remember in 3rd grade English class asking the teacher if I could rhyme "turtle" with "turtle" in a poem. I maybe have been slightly obsessed with some Renaissance artists back then.
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Thanks for the bump Archagon! You've tripled my delicious count already!

Probably worth $5 for me to post on there to say things like 'Sorry for the bad ones. I've get ideas for improving the algorithm that I'll implement as soon as I get this iPhone app out.'..

Speaking of which, I just deployed the new iPhone version of the site last night. So, check it out, and I'll cross my fingers that it doesn't break.
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The 20 Worst Rhymes In Pop Music History
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Sadly, John Mayer is no closer to finding a rhyme for "heavier things."
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Don't forget the late ODB. From "Ghetto Superstar," where he rhymes "streets" with "streets." Also, his eyes are sore, because he'a s senator.

One two, and you don't stop, yo
My eyes is sore, bein a senator
Behind closed doors hittin truth to the seafloor
The rich go North ignore, the tug of war
While the kids are poor, open new and better drug stores
So I became hardcore, couldn't take it no more
I'ma reveal EVERYTHING, change the law
I find myself, walkin the streets
Tryin to find what's really goin on in the streets
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Birthdays was the worst days;
Now we drink champagne when we thirstay.

- Biggie Smalls, "Juicy"
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"My dandy voice makes the most
Anti-choice granny's panties moist"

— MC Paul Barman, "Cock Mobster"
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NEAR rhymes? What's next, a dictionary with ALMOST spellings?

Just kidding. Anyway, Moxy Fruvous already won:

It's laissez-faire, I don't even give a care
Let's make Friday part of the weekend
And give every new baby a chocolate eclair
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Slant rhymes are 2 legit 2 smite

“For me such rhymes as, say, ‘swans/stones’ or ‘gibe/club’ or ‘south/both’ often sound more beautiful and interesting than such hard-rhyme combinations as ‘bones/stones,’ ‘rub/club,’ or ‘south/mouth.’" - Linguist Robert Pinsky in his introduction to Dante’s Inferno.
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... hypodermics on the shore, China's under martial law...
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I would like to see a pie chart of queries on this site, where the categories are "orange" and "not orange". I think it would be enlightening.
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I'm looking forward to C-Rhymes, the not-at-all-rhyming dictionary for writing blank verse.
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I just checked and 'orange' constitutes about 10% of the searches. That's a good idea for a blog post. I may do that pie chart that later!
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Do proper nouns count? I know of some Gorringes.

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I would like to see a pie chart
Of queries, This time
Where the categories
"orange" or not.
Would rhyme,
It would be enlightening
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