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More Wilfred Sätty than you had before. The artist was posted about here previously about a decade ago, but there was a very limited amount of his work available at the time. Ephemera Assemblyman has, predictably, found quite a lot since then. His psychedelic collages are well worth a look.
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Very cool. And some interesting music links there too, starting with.
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Wow. Stimulation overload with all of the links so far. Thanks for making my night, guys!
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(February 14, 2009 was about a decade ago? Ouch. Guess that's what happens when you try to use your smartphone as an alarm clock, but forget to plug in the charger...)
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Wow, what the hell is wrong with me? I must have been looking at an earlier post when searching and just carried the date over in my head. Or else I can't tell the difference between zeroes and nines.

I guess an admin could fix that if it mattered even a little bit.
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