Ski or Die!
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Friday Flash Fun: Did you enjoy Cyclomaniacs? Enjoying the Winter Olympics? You might enjoy Ski Maniacs! Ski Maniacs uses similar controls and physics. Do tricks and complete timetrials to complete the game and unlock additional characters.
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Excellent! I mean, shit! I've got work to do!
posted by yhbc at 7:46 AM on February 19, 2010

I hate you. I really, really hate you.
posted by e.e. coli at 7:54 AM on February 19, 2010

No I might not.
posted by clarknova at 7:56 AM on February 19, 2010

It's too complicated for my simple brain!
posted by Drexen at 7:57 AM on February 19, 2010

I must have spent dozens of hours on the first one. I never finished, and it was awesome! I look forward to hours of procrastinating.
posted by PinkMoose at 8:11 AM on February 19, 2010

wow — going to have to wait for a day I can afford to waste to really play this one, but at first glance it seems like a real improvement on the (already addictive) original...
posted by You Can't Tip a Buick at 8:35 AM on February 19, 2010

Cool. I will try to complete the achievements. Has no badges yet.
posted by diwolf at 9:36 AM on February 19, 2010

Tough to master, fun to play, as they say on those game boxes. Seriously, I enjoyed this no matter how many times I crashed and burned.
posted by misha at 9:37 AM on February 19, 2010

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