Inmates Claim Ownership of Dogs
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Inmates Claim Ownership of Dogs in the San Francisco dog mauling case (that was previously discussed here). Apparently they (the inmates) are in jail for life, and the theory is that they have nothing to lose by taking the blame for the killing.
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Its a bizzare twist, but it should be pretty easy to get the blame right back on Knoller and Noel. If this was allowed, anyone could 'hire' inmates to be sued for them.

'Knoller and Noel filed a federal lawsuit on Schneider's behalf on
Monday from behind bars. The suit charges prison officials of inadequate medical attention to a
wound on Schneider's leg.

Well, its pretty easy to see the quid pro quo here.
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Paul "Cornfed" Schneider

Well, now that creates quite a mental image.
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