Still Life With Rock, Paper & Scissors
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Vanitas, the 17th-century Dutch still-life genre emphasizing transience and mortality, is reborn through the lens of photographer Justine Reyes using everyday objects that belonged to her grandmother. Reyes is not the first contemporary artist to reinterpret this genre.
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Doomed. Doomed we are.
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Ooooh, I like those.
posted by everichon at 10:00 AM on February 24, 2010

There is a new iPhone app inspired by these, speaking of contemporary artists.
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James Armstrong is another wonderful photographer who does some work in this style
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And Zachary Zavislak offers a more modern take on these themes and style (via Feature Shoot).
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The Vanitas app for iPhone is beyond gorgeous; it makes me want to buy one just so that I can have this app on it.
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These are extraordinary! I'm not typically a fan of photography, much preferring paintings, and the paintings of the 15th-19th century over anything more contemporary. But Reyes has demonstrated to me that modern medium can be as much a part of the aesthetic process as Claesz's brush. This would be a powerful exhibit--the awareness of the artist positioning modern items in classic tropes to invoke a connection to mortality. She's very, very good!
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I love this style. I have this wonderful still life by Geog Flegel hanging on the wall by me as I type ( It's worth clicking the enlargement button); not the original unfortunately. Flegel is best known for Still Life with Skull, Wax Jack and Pocket Sundial. Will these modern artists still be remembered in 400 years time? On preview nice link twsf.
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Great post. Also, thanks for the link to the iPhone app grobstein!
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Love these. This Abraham Mignon is one of my favorite paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
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boy, grandma sure has some tacky crap...
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