"Marrow Bone"... "Sweet!"
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Blue Hippy Cat reviews Avatar (SLYT) Not sure who made this, came to me via ILM alumni list, it's a genius piece of MOCAP, humor, and check out the D song in the background! Too much fun for this snowy Friday.
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Three stars!

Congrats on being the first to use the mocap tag. I had no idea what it was but now I do, thanks to Google.
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Okay ... that was weird and well done. In the YouTube comments some are wondering if this was created by WETA or some other studio. Others surmise if it's intended to be a part of a viral ad campaignl. For example, in Greg Mutt's profile he mentions McDonald's twice.
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that was wonderful. it just goes to show, 3d makes everything better.
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It's snowing in Tahiti?
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That was fun. I like how it's introduced with absolutely no setup or winking nod to the animation. Does McDonald's sell marrow bone now?
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Somewhat too much temporal smoothing but otherwise quite nice.
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Leona Lewis? I dont think so!

If it's viral advertising, it's awfully good.
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There's some money behind this but that doesn't mean it's trying to sell us anything. It could be just a tech demo. It is pretty nifty in either case.

It's also possible McD's is expanding into marrow bone sandwiches.
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I think the reviewer is a canine (GregMutt) not a Blue Hippy Cat; blue hippy cats are what he calls the Na'vi. Besides, check out the adorable ears that prick up when he hears his mom! CUTE!!! Needs a waggy tail.
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Yeah, the blue hippie cats are what he doesn't like about avatar.

I particularly like how the movie is "awesome" but he disagrees with all of its central tenets.
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I was assuming this dude represents the Avatar species itself in the distant future, when they have been properly colonized and placed into little rooms where they watch TV all day, but unfortunately there was no evidence for that in the video itself.
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I stand corrected, it's a MOCAP Mutt. And it's still funny as hell.
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I just watched this again and realized the voice acting and some of the gestures have an uncanny resemblance to Matt Frewer as Max Headroom. Which makes perfect sense, even though it's probably not him.
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I think the joke is that he is a dog so he doesn't like cat people. (obvious filter)
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