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Long out of print, Maitland McDonagh's Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento, is finally being republished by the University of Minnesota Press in a new edition that incorporates studies on the director's work from 1995's The Stendhal Syndrome to last year's Giallo.

McDonagh has also been keeping herself busy with FlickChick, wherein she posts reviews of films of a horrifying, sexy and Bollywoody. Highlights include pieces on the careers of Louise Brooks and Barbara Steele, as well as a nostalgic glance at the grindhouses of Times Square.

Random Argento goodness: KinoEye's issue devoted to the filmmaker; Michael Mackenzie's audio commentaries for Deep Red and Suspiria; a 1990 interview in two parts; and 2005's Do You Like Hitchcock?, presented in its entirety. (Most assuredly NSFW.) Enjoy.
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Thanks for posting this!
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I was about to bitch again about someone posting a DVD I'd worked on to YouTube. Then I saw the US licensor posted it. Something tells me I'm in the wrong business. *shrug*
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The original was very readable and still academic. I haven't seen a ton of Argento, but this book helped me get the most out of what I watched.
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Man, I've been hoping to watch TSS for years now. Local video rental places around here are a desert of desparing and teeth gnashing. And I've never seen it, uh, offered around those, er, intertubes places I keep hearing about. *shifty eyed look around*
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Yay! I love Maitland. I found her when she was working for TVGuide (she was a wonderfully urbane and caustic counterview on their superfan podcast). And I've been following her newer site (linked in the post) and her blog. I don't always agree with her reviews, but her analysis of a film is usually spot on.
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infinitewindow, if you mean the full DLYH?, then it might confort you something to know that down here all I can get is a "This video contains content from Starz Media LLC, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." message. Suprisingly, that one did make it to the local rentals and I did grab it there. Amusing little movie.
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