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Thanks to a lot of what I've read on Metafilter, I've found some amazing websites (many of these have been posted before), and I've built up kind of a Sunday routine that starts at Post Secret, then continues toTXComics, where I check the weeks updates on Kukuburi and The Abominable Charles Christopher, all the while hoping that Sin Tutulo will be back soon (Feb 28th, they say). From there I check out A Softer World, and every once in a while, go back to check on comics that seem to have stopped, like We The Robots and Simulated Comic Product (which seems to have undergone some changes. The key? I usually finish with Bob the Angry Flower, whose recommendations are always worth a shot. Therefore, I give you Infectonator!

From the Bob the Angry Flower description (I could only nod my head after playing):

It's a rather goofy-looking, pixel art game in which you are tasked with destroying the world zombie-style. Maybe it's the charm of the pixely art, maybe it's the world map, maybe it's the slow grind of infecting people with zombieism and slowly upgrading your zombies and unlocking wacky Santa zombies and Ronald McDonald zombies and Colonel Sanders zombies, but I played the crap outta this thing.

It's good fun, and really, who needs to be productive on a Sunday? Read some comics, then take a little time and end civilization as we know it!
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The Amazing Charles Christopher, despite having a rambling and extremely slow moving storyline, is some of the best writing and art in webcomics these days. Be sure to read it from the start or you might not know what's going on...
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I will admit that this is a fun game, but starting off an infectious disease game in Africa with dread-locked characters running around yelling fake "African" words ("KUTUMBABA!") just seems a bit tin-eared.
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If you keep going, you'll find that the locals say random things in their own languages throughout. The Japanese, at least, was decently accurate (What's going on?!), but I can't vouch for anywhere else. The random blurts of various languages was one of the things that made me like the game.
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Yeah, the depictions of Africa seemed racist.
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I mean, the gameplay is rock-solid and very amusing. Just they could've made some better choices that wouldn't have affected the gameplay any.
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Holy shit, our Sunday routines are identical! Thank you Metafilter!
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(The Abominable Charles Christopher)
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Damn... What Batmonkey said. Any chance of an edit?
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Hey. If you like all that stuff, then you may like Nexus Productions. It's an independent production company and animation studio based in London.
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Bob the Angry Flower is wonderfully incomprehensible.
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DAMNIT Why am I so addicted to this racist game

Does anyone know how the bomb works? I press 2 and click but nothing happens
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The bomb is bought in singles - i.e. no "bombing ability", but a single bomb per 2500 credits.
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I don't know about the rest of it, or even the other stuff that it talks about, but BOB THE ANGRY FLOWER is a great webcomic. Thanks two billion trillion million!
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rad, thanks Harald74

brb just unlocked Canada, need to go infect tiny albertan town near edmonton with zombies (take that oilers)
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Goddammit people I need sleep!

Cute game, racist as fuck. Also, lotta fat people in Arizona. Just sayin'.
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I just beat it. It does not scale well. It's difficult-ish at the first levels, but as your zombies get stronger there's a definite cap to the strength of the badguys, and you soon out-pace them. What's more, since you can play and replay a level with no penalty – and you can even quit out of a level (the X in the lower-right) in the middle of a game, and keep the money you earned during the level – it soon becomes entirely too easy. The last half of the game is mind-numbing, especially once you get the PowerZombies. You can deploy each of them once per map, and you never run out of them and they don't cost you money, and they win the level for you in a flash.

So, it's fun at first, but soon repetitive and tedious (though what does it say that I beat it ... ), it's a bit racist, and it doesn't scale well at higher levels. I would love to see it tinkered with, though, because they could easily turn this into something great.
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Oh, and it reminds me of something completely off-topic:

Whoever makes an XCom knock-off that I can play on the iPhone will make a fucking fortune.

God I miss that game.
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My Sunday routine is very similar, but also includes Gunnerkrigg Court and Sam and Fuzzy. Part of this complete breakfast! (Camera shows a multivitamin, a Pop Tart, and a half a Diet Squirt which has gone flat overnight.)
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I was going to go to bed early. Thanks a lot.

But I won.
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That was just the kind of stupid mindless game I was looking for. I like it almost as much as the upgrade game. Man, pointless upgrades are my favorite.
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Really enjoyed the comics you linked. Especially Sin Titulo, which has just been updated today.
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barnacles: "What's more, since you can play and replay a level with no penalty "

The penalty is more days and a lower final score. But my only goal was finishing, and I did that, so who cares about score.
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Damn you MeFi why do you make me waste so much time!
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God I miss that game.

You need this. Try the development version, it's supposed to be significantly better than the 2.2 stable --- the dev team is admirably dedicated to not cutting a stable version before It's Done. Stable 2.3 should come out any day now, at which point my productivity is expected to take a serious hit.
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Dr Dracator: WOW. Thank you.
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Just started reading Sin Tutolo ... Great stuff. I'm looking into web comics more and more. Thanks for the links.
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Thanks MeFi for helping me write my thesis! :)
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You win the game by turning into a zombie yourself. I played for two damn hours.
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