Take you with me, baby, I'll take you to my mamahouse...
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A dynamic mix of rock, funk, hip hop and comedy, a cappella sextet Duwende has been winning nearly every award the industry has to offer with original songs that challenge traditional conceptions of what contemporary a cappella music can be. Duwende's latest album, Collective, can be downloaded for free or previewed on YouTube.

Highlights include the (hilarious) story song Poor Dan, Mamahouse, and Young Leaders of Tomorrow.
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It is highly unlikely that someone could ever convince me that a cappella as a genre is cool. Once I get home, I'll see if you have succeeded.
posted by Think_Long at 11:32 AM on March 1, 2010

Great stuff! My iPod's gonna love this.
posted by kinnakeet at 11:39 AM on March 1, 2010

I really, really like this. Thank you.
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Name is a play on duende.
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I used to love listening to a cappella pop, but at some point it all started to sound the same to me. I was hearing the same sounds, the same harmonies, the same vocal stylings over and over again. I've been wanting something fresh and exciting to make me enjoy a cappella music as much as I used to. Maybe this will be it. I'll put it on my iPod tonight, listen while I'm doing dishes, and let you know.
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Think_Long: They really don't sound like a cappella unless you listen carefully. I was impressed. Listening to these guys reminds me of the first time I heard Apocalyptica and my friend told me that awesome roaring metal music was coming out of cellos instead of electric guitars. Time will tell if Duwende's moderately cheesy funk-pop survives more than a couple rotations in my playlist, but regardless... it's still impressive for what it is. I have a ton of respect for genre-twisting artists of all types.
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Thanks for posting this. I happen to know Abbey Janes, the soprano, from growing up as family friends in Houston, TX. I venture that it was just as impossible for her as it was for me to sing with Janet Scarcella, the long-time and since-retired choir director of St. John's School in Houston, and not develop an abiding passion for vocal music. These guys are amazingly talented and deserve all this recognition and much more.
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It is highly unlikely that someone could ever convince me that a cappella as a genre is cool.

Not even Carmen Sandiego's Rock-apella?
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Is this really a capella? Am I imagining the bass guitar?
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These guys are great. But for my money, Naturally 7 is the a capella shizzit. Yes, that's all voices - there are no instruments. If you think it's all production, check out this video.
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Am I imagining the bass guitar?

You're probably hearing Ari Picker, the bass. One of the advantages Duwende has over your average pop a cappella group is the two extra singers, meaning a bass can do the "boom booms" full time and the sound can be more filled out. I am fairly sure that the group does some vocal post-processing, but nothing as far as a synthesized bass. Check the promo video on their YouTube channel - the live shows sound just as good.
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Okay, I've downloaded the album. And it is AWESOME. Great sound. Next stop: Naturally 7. My ears are very, very grateful.
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