Concerts à Emporter
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Les Concerts à Emporter (or Take Away Shows) is a project by French filmmaker Vincent Moon in which he records musicians playing impromptu concerts in the street, in a courtyard, or even in an elevator, with often sublime results.

Past episodes of the series have featured Phoenix playing on a tour bus in Paris and on the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower; the Shins playing in a Montmartre plaza and from an apartment balcony; and the National playing al fresco in the French countryside.

The series has included big-name acts, relative unknowns (at the time), and MeFi favorites.

Later this year, Moon will travel to Uganda with Yeasayer and the Polyphonic Spree and document the event for nonprofit Invisible Children.

Kinda previously on MetaFilter.
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This is one of my favorite things on Youtube. I'm surprised no one has posted it before. Thanks!
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I couldn't believe it myself. I searched for all the relevant terms I could think of, but I am still bracing for the double callout.
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I am still bracing for the double callout.

Well, I was going to call you out, but I see you linked to my post, and obviously, this one is far richer and more detailed.
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I found the REM one a while back and downloaded it straight away - one of the best videos on my PC. Even better than that, it reminded me that while REM have had some very shaky patches, and really aren't the band they once were, they are incredible musicians. The number of bands that could play a song in a moving car, with the drummer keeping time on the steering wheel, is pretty low anyway. The number that could make it sound better than the album version? Practically zero.
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I loved the earnestness and the energy of the Sigur Ros concert, even though the song was performed to a (seemingly) very indifferent crowd.
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The number that could make it sound better than the album version? Practically zero.

I think some of it has to be attributed to the production, though. You can tell they've spent a lot of time setting up multiple wireless mics, etc. I'm not really sure how he gets such great performances from the artists. In some of them (Stephen Malkmus, Yeasayer), they don't even seem to be into it that much and are just going along because it is something they agreed to, but they still manage to create some fantastic takes that are, as you said, equal to or sometimes better than the album versions. It must be something about being out of their element, or just the impromptu nature of the performances.
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I couldn't believe it myself. I searched for all the relevant terms I could think of

Searching for blogotheque shows 4 previous FPPs.
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4 previous FPPs

Yep, I saw those, but they were all incidental mentions, and I thought it was deserving of a more exclusive post.
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Yeah, I think bits and pieces of this have shown up on the blue before, (I personally posted one bon iver video in a comment and then someone else responded with the rest of the set) but i'm pretty sure this is the first comprehensive/exclusive post about the project.
And it rules.
So good on 'ya, sport.
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My favorite: Tom Jones in a hotel room all gruff and soulful. Sweet.
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Can't belive this hasn't been on the blue before. Been a big fan for a while. The Andrew Bird one is my favorite.
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Vincent/Mathieu is a friend and he is awesome. The dedication with which he has vowed himself to exploring his intuitions in filmmaking is humbling.
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Moon also filmed take-away style videos for each of the 12 tracks on Beirut's Flying Club Cup.
The site seems to be having problems though , which is good because I have some work to do anyway.
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Also: one of the things he treasures as an achievement is that a veritable school of similar music-filming initiatives have taken his lead and reinvented local flavours of the CàE; a few examples:
- retread sessions, Austin, Texas
- Camera Music, on Canadian AUX
- Juan's Basement, on Plum
- Black Cab Session, London UK
- The Valley
- The Wanderer Sessions
etc. etc.
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The National playing "Start a War" all sitting round that long table has a tendency to make me cry on occasion. Glad to see the Takeaway Shows getting attention!
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some more:
- Chasing The Moon
- Tapau
- The Austin Sessions
- ShootThePlayer
- Athens Soundies

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