The Arms Trafficker.
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Criminals, politics, governments. The decades-long battle to catch an international arms broker.
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My favorite quote from this excellent article, because it is such a classic example of an evildoer's rationalizations: “How do I know who’s good and who’s bad?” Kassar would say of his associates. "The bad people for you may be the good people for me.”
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Oh yeah, just read that over lunch yesterday. Reminded me of Lord of War which, IMHO, is Nicholas Cage's most underrated film.
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Reminded me of Lord of War which, IMHO, is Nicholas Cage's most underrated film.

I'm struggling to imagine how much you'd have to loathe a Nick Cage movie in order to underrate it.
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Nic Cage's most underrated movie is Kiss of Death.

There, I said it.
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Impressive article, and having the nuts to go after this guy, or a drug lord, are big nuts indeed.

I think that the classic refrain of "When governments do it, it's not illegal" come to mind. Dealing in death and weapons is not the issue here, its that he was doing it without the current permission slip.
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Not that this fellow isn't a swine. But the combination of the USA's ridiculous "conspiracy laws" - aka slap together whatever shitty evidence you have - and extraterritorial jurisdiction is basically a recipe for legalised rendition.
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oh, and selling man-portable SAMs to terrorists? Somehow I don't think that anyone is going to film "Monzer Al-Kasser's War".
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