Happy Birthday, Ronald Searle!
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The cartoonist Ronald Searle turns 90 today (March 3)! Hurrah for St. Trinians!.
The Cartoon Museum in London opens Searle's first-ever show in Britain. In this interview, Searle , at 90, recalls the bad girls of St Trinian's and his time as a prisoner-of-war and the abrupt leaving of his wife and children. Fleeing to France in 1961, he never returned. His archive was donated to the Willhelm Busch museum in Germany which is also holding a Searle exhibition.
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happi birthda
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St. Trinians was one of the best things EVER! Alastair Sim, George Cole, Joyce Grenfell, Sid James, Beryl Reid – still my beating heart. Vail British Lion.
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Many happy returns to the co-creator of nigel molesworth and inventor of the Flying Catburger!
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ronald serle also illustrated the books ritten by MOLESWORTH about st custards skool in which you lern about Latin Sentences and a weed called Shelley.
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Not all Billecart-Salmon. Searle in "Le Monde". Happy Birthday old chap.
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I am Molesworth. Those books were about me.
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a chiz is a swiz or a swindle as any fule kno
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mettafilter is ful of new bugs but mattowie will sort them out and they wil go AROO and UG and flame out. There will be No Mor @ or deerailment chiz.
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Q. Are the Andes?
A. I ask you! Are the Andes? wot a question. Wot does it mean clot? Do you mean WERE the Andes? Of course they were. They didn't pop up overnite you kno. Nor will they pop off agane but i wish you would.

Q. In Africa?
A. i am waiting. the lunatick bin is second turning on the right. they will be waiting for you. In africa indeed! n.b. if the words "in Africa" belong to "Are the Andes" i neither kno nor care.
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How To Be Topp was a major influence on my attitude to skool :-)

Previous Molesworth on MeFi.
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I'm collecting the first editions of the Molesworth books, but unfortunately the only signed ones I have are signed by Willans, not Searle. Chiz
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Finally I decided to pack up and go when the children were 14. I don’t regret one second of it. A brutal decision, as I said to Sue Lawley (“Yes, totally egotistical,” he said on Desert Island Discs in 2005). But at 14 I was practically working myself. At 14, you are big enough to make your own life.” (A statement his twins, now 62, would dispute.) His relationship with his children remains, at best, distant and sporadic. Kaye never got over his leaving and for the rest of her life talked about him as if he had gone yesterday. The truth is, he was never a family man.

I don't care how good of an artist he is, he's a selfish creep who abandoned his children. Ugh.
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he sound like a girly swot and uterly wet.
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Scoo, perhaps if you take a look at what he endured, the judgement could perhaps be that he was - human.
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Oh, I know he endured the horrors of the sadistic-by-design Japanese POW camps, and I certainly sympathize. I don't see how that excuses him for abandoning his family. I'm not calling for his head or anything, I simply have no respect for any man who does that.
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My favorite Ronald Searle book is Dick Deadeye, which is his version of Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore.
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Ooh! Ooh! First TV interview in 35 years is here.
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Thanks. I had no idea who Searle was, but when I looked at the links I immediately recognized his work.
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As any fule kno Molesworth's on Twitter
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I so desperately wanted to go to St Trinians
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coo er goshellium
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