Combining two freakish legends in one story ...
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Combining two freakish legends in one story ... Farm accident and self-surgery with uncoventional tools! All it needed was a little sex and it'd be CNN material fer sure. The highlight:

"He said he thinks he'll be able to continue farming, 'but not like I really want to.'"
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Bill Bryson had a great line about farming accidents like this. Seems like the farmers get a little bored out there in the fields all day and suddenly think "Gee, I wonder what would happen if I just stuck my finger in there a little bit."

tasteless humor follows:
-Tonight, for one night only, "Fargo: the one man show"!

-Future job prospect: starring in Douglas Adams tribute show: Mostly Armless

OK, OK I'm a jerk
posted by Kafkaesque at 4:33 PM on July 12, 2001

What kind of headphones was he wearing, that a piece of metal from it was capable of cutting off his arm?!?

"New from Audiotek: buzzsaw headphones with a RAZOR-SHARP band! Great sound quality and... versatile!"
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I have a great-uncle with a very similar story. He lost all his fingers on one hand, and several on another after he attempted to pull a branch out of the bailer.

Unfortunately, it was at night, and he was alone. Nearest house with a phone was several miles away, so he ended up driving his tractor (with no hands) to the house. From there, he was in the hospital for several months while he recovered. Now that's tough.
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Best line from the article:

"I was scared, but after I cut my own arm off, I had all sorts of adrenaline," he said.
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Alternate headline : "Why Working In IT Is Better Than Farming"
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hell, foist, throw in a little sex and it'll make Ananova!
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